Squat Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Squat Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

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Families evicted, buildings occupied!

On July 10 2020, in front of associations, collectives, squatters and unions, while the préfet was reassuring about the squats situation during the summer, and was only talking about the "problematic" situation of the former Institut Bouisson Bertrand, he was actually preparing evictions for the 23rd. Evictions that affected two buildings in the city centre, putting around 50 vulnerable people and families on the street, and others in detention in CRA. The generous solution provided: 3 nights in a hotel and a return to the violence of the tent in the street.

Knowing the CV of the current préfet of the Hérault, Jacques Witkowski, we had not believed in his promise of the 10th, and therefore decided to squat this building owned by the council which had remained empty and walled up for too long, since 15 July, in order to rehouse the people that Jacques put outside during the heat wave, and during the biggest health crisis we have experienced since the beginning of the century, thus directly endangering the people concerned and the population of Montpellier.

For more than a week now, we have been residents of this place and we intend to rehouse these people who were put on the streets 3 days ago.

The eviction of squats does not solve the problems of precariousness, it displaces it by making it invisible and by breaking the solidarity that is created in the collectively occupied places.

Let's not let the Prefecture destroy lives.



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