Kaxerna gaztetxea

Kaxerna gaztetxea

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We started meeting in 2004 as a youth assembly. Seeing the need for a self-managed space, we occupied the Elektrobia house in the center of town. The City Council of Bera at the time told us that we could not be there and left us another building: the current Kaxerna Gaztetxe, which was leased by the City Council.
Being a small town itself, it has not been easy to give regularity to our operation. But as a result of an internal discussion process, the picture has changed considerably. We hold an assembly every week, and once a month we have a meeting called a ‘sacred meeting’: a coordination meeting between the different actors or groups that use the gaztetxe. We have a climbing wall, a Bmx Bowl, screen printing and a free radio in the gaztetxe.

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Asanblada: astelehenero 18:00
Asamblea: Todos los lunes 18:00


  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting
  • radio/tv
Kaxerna gaztetxea
31250 Bera


Former squat, now legalised
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