Mezzocannone Occupato

Mezzocannone Occupato

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26/11/2012 - The first press conference was held this afternoon in the new social space occupied in the historic centre of Naples, in Via Mezzocannone 12.
The occupation of Mezzocannone 12 is the completion of a more comprehensive process of re-appropriation of the disused university spaces taken away both from students, as in the case of the internal auditorium of the university building in Via Mezzocannone 14, and from the city as a whole. The occupation of Mezzocannone completes the formation of the laboratory against the crisis and austerity, a laboratory that with this occupation becomes permanent and will be an experience of self-management and political and cultural initiative.


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Mezzocannone Occupato
Via Mezzocannone 12
80134 Napoli


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