(Virtual) 14th NYC Anarchist book fair 2020

vrijdag, 25 september tot zondag, 27 september

(Virtual) 14th NYC Anarchist book fair 2020

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The NYC Anarchist Book Fair will be held virtually this year, with a few limited outdoor events. Our website will host presses, live digital conversations and workshops, prerecorded talks and roundtables, a film festival, and archival materials from previous events.

Parallel Worlds: Creating Autonomous Communities

When we construct parallel worlds (worlds guided by logic other than consumerism, accumulation, and hierarchy) we lay the groundwork for a viable anti-capitalist life, one free from police and prisons, Propriety, hunger, money, and the systemic violence level led against the physical, psychological, spiritual and communal health of all beings.

Covid-19, despite the personal and social chalenge it continues to unleash, has nonetheless opened up a potential (as well as an urgent need) to live differently. It has revealed the profound inadequacy of capitalist-white-supremacist-heteropatriarchy and has sent the governing structures into a once-in-a-generation spiral of crises. Facing a global health crisis, climate catastrophe, economic impoverishment, and relentless state violence, the Black Lives Matter movement and the formation of autonomous zones it sparked have stepped up to demand and begin to create new ways of living together outside of the oppressive systems inherited from racist, sexist, and classist colonial frameworks. We stand with them in struggle. The revolution is now—we are building the worlds we want to live in.

We invite our comrades, fellow-travelers, allies, and friends to participate in the formation of self-governing alternative systems.


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vrijdag, 25 september, 2020 (Hele dag) tot zondag, 27 september, 2020 (Hele dag)


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The NYC Anarchist Book Fair was founded in 2007 and welcomes anarchists who want to bring their energy, creativity, and political passion to help make future book fairs a success.


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