Atomic cafe cinema: Caliber 9

zondag, 11 augustus

Atomic cafe cinema: Caliber 9

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CALIBER 9   1972
(Milano calibro 9)
Directed by Fernando Di Leo
88 minutes
In Italian with English subtitles

The films of Fernando Di Leo are favorites of Tarantino (who said this movie was the greatest Italian film-noir ever made) and John Woo. These Italian thrillers from the 70s are absolutely thick with mood, mind-blowing plot twists and magnificent music soundtracks.

A gangster leaves jail after serving his sentence, and as soon as he hits the streets everyone is after him because they believe he knows the whereabouts of a heist. But once again, this is just the premise... the real essence of the film is in its rich atmosphere and the wonderful confusion of its deranged plot. But it should be said that it also contains a social commentary that not only exposes the ruthlessness of so-called Mafia gangsters, but equally the corruption of the police force. A cinematic punch in the gut, not only in terms of its story, but also its style. A definite cult classic.

The throbbing baroque jazz-funk soundtrack is a real thing of beauty, and it's a collaboration between Luis Enriquez Bacalov and the Italian progressive rock band Osanna. The style of the movie is of such a level that it is screened at museums, including the Tate Modern. Starring Barbara Bouchet and a bunch of guys.

One viewer concluded: "Forget Ron Hubbard, quantum mechanics or Castaneda, this film WILL change your life."

This will be a special high-definition screening.

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zondag, 11 augustus, 2019 - 21:00


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