Social Screenings: LA_92

dinsdag, 14 mei

Social Screenings: LA_92

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On April 29, 1992, verdicts were announced in a trial of four Los Angeles Police Department officers accused of assaulting and using excessive force on local black man Rodney King. The jury found them innocent. This was the tipping point after which the historical Los Angeles riots of 1992 started, lasting for five days, causing "property damage" for more than 1 billion dollars, leaving 63 people dead, more than 2,000 injured, and more than 12,000 arrested.

Documentary "LA 92" was released exactly 25 years after the riots. Consisting entirely of archival footage, it starts with events years before the 1992 events, and goes on to examine the whole timeline of the riots and the impact they had on the city and the US.

The film will be shown in English.

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dinsdag, 14 mei, 2019 - 19:25


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