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The Makamik house was squatted in 2013, and later got symbolic rent contract with the owner. The space is managed by voluntary, equal basis. Decisions are made using concensus method in open house meetings, where any one can participate. The space doesn’t have stedy collective running it, taking care of house is in every users responsibilities. There are house principals, in which limits any one can organize happenings and use the space. Any kind of discrimination is not accepted in Makamik. That means no rasicm, sexism or other kind of oppressing behavior. Also party politics are not welcome.
Activities in Makamik don’t seek profit for itself or any persons own good. All the profit is used for running the house or for grassroot level political campaigns, which are decided together.

About principles:

-The decisions are made using consensus method, not by voting, which would be tyranny of majority.
-Nobody has permanent special status, which would rule over others
-Creating safe atmosphere for everyone is important, oppressing behavior can’t be ignored
-The principals and practises are made by people who participate in the space
-Makamik is sober space. That means alcohol or other substancies for “party purposes” are not welcome in the space or in premises.
-Party politics are not welcome, because of unequal structures of them.

How to organise an event in Makamik:

The events must be in the limits of house principals. The organisers of the event must make sure that all the people participating the event respect the principles, even the alcohol/drugfree policy. The principles apply also in the yard.

Contact the e-mail address in order to get some one to open the doors, book the happening in the calender or just for more info and help.


  • book shop/info shop/library
  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting
  • music/concert


Jyrängöntie 1, Kumpula


The house is located towards east from Botanic Garden, to the direction of Arabia, in the hill of Kumpula University campus.


Former squat, now legalised
There are no upcoming events.