Reclaim the Seeds Amsterdam

Proposed: zaterdag, 3 maart tot zondag, 4 maart

Reclaim the Seeds Amsterdam

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Reclaim the Seeds is an annual event, each year in a different part of the Netherlands, where exchanging seeds and information is combined with discussions about political themes and practical workshops. It started as a protest against new European seed laws, but now the main goal is to involve more people in the struggle against patents in plants and against the ever increasing power of large agricultural corporations. With the event we contribute to the upkeep of agricultural biodiversity and a robust, sustainable agriculture. This year a regional version takes place in Amsterdam in De Fruittuin van West on March 3-4. On the Saturday you can expect and interesting seed fair where gardeners and farmers can swap and sell their self saved seeds. This are often special heirloom, local and/or rare seeds. At the same time there will be a programme with lectures and workshops. The Sunday will be used for a few practical workshops, helping in the orchard and garden, excursions for garden projects in the neighbourhood and a action to save the organic farm De Boterbloem.

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zaterdag, 3 maart, 2018 - 10:30 tot zondag, 4 maart, 2018 - 17:00


  • actie/protest/camp
  • kinderen
  • cursus/workshop
  • discussie/presentatie
  • film
  • eten
  • weggeefwinkel
  • muziek


  • agriculture
  • seeds
  • urban farming


  • tegen donatie
Fruittuin van West
Tom Schreursweg 48,
1067 MC Amsterdam

ASEED (Actie voor Solidariteit, Gelijkheid, Milieu en Diversiteit) is een internationale campagneorganisatie. Wij hechten belang aan het betrekken van mensen bij basisdemocratische activiteiten. ASEED Europe wil de structurele oorzaken van milieuproblemen en sociale onrechtvaardigheid aanpakken.


  • actie/protest/camp

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