2,5 year anniversary De Grit. Part one.

vrijdag, 17 januari

2,5 year anniversary De Grit. Part one.

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Two day festival over two venues
part one of a two day festival
BIAS Post Boogie Rock du Belgica, has the likes of tyrans and molesters of Wallonia. Who record all those acts on double 8 film, for their own pleasure. This can be heard on the EP ‘Serving the Double 8’.
The music of BIAS is full on. It sweeps, pushes and drags and it’s in your face. The band is known for getting under your skin. Founded in Amsterdam mids 2016 it combines human mental dirt in Belgian off set music like Millionaire, Evil Superstars, Flying Horsemen,and Mintzkov.
Info: [www.facebook.com/bias.post.boogie.du.belgica]
Listen: www.soundcloud.com/optredens
Masuda is a rock trio from Amsterdam. The band, formed in January 2017, consists of Joris Bod (vocals, guitar), Teun Eikenaar (drums) and Benny van der Plank (bass guitar). The band’s sound incorporates a wide range of rock genres, including indie, grunge, post-rock and also psychedelic rock, garage rock and surf rock. Masuda’s music is influenced by Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Mogwai and Metz. The band is well-known for its energetic, raw and dynamic live shows.
Info: [www.facebook.com/pg/thebandmasuda/]
Listen: www.soundcloud.com/masudamusic
Letatlin is a visionary electro post-punk with sampled sounds synths and guitars (neo kraut rock from ROME)
and special guest: Das Auge ( [www.facebook.com/Das-Auge-133925947241188])
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/letatlin-radar
Website: www.letatlin.net
Pelvic Tilt Is an Amsterdam based thrashrock quartet founded in 2018. The four friends have been rocking together in various bands for many years now, and as Bon Scott from AC/DC once said, “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock ‘n roll”, the top shouldn’t be too far away now… The songs they produce are mainly about primary needs: booze, guitars and women.
Info and listen: http://www.pelvictilt.nl/

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vrijdag, 17 januari, 2020 - 20:00 tot 23:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

!! Support the Vondelbunker and buy our shirt: https://www.saltven.org/venues/vondelbunker/ !!


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