Meditation with Kayleigh

dinsdag, 26 maart

Meditation with Kayleigh

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Free mindfulness session at Vondelbunker in Vondelpark.
Mindfulness is a meditation practice of relating to moment-to-moment experience in ways that reduce stress, brings focus and calm.
Come and join for a guided meditation session where we practice 3 skills:
* Concentration * anchoring attention on the breath, and returning to the breath each time the mind wanders (it will always wander!)
* Composure * The skill of being present with, for example, a pain in the knee, or a difficult emotion, without getting distracted by thoughts about what is going on.
* Clarity * noticing the felt sensations in the body.
About Kayleigh:
Kayleigh is on a mission to spread love, calmness and compassion to the world one breath at a time.
With a background in psychology and medicine she has a working knowlegde of the many health benefits of practacing meditation and after practicing herself for many years feels inspired to share this tool with the world and help others to access the pool of infinite peace and wisdom that lies inside all of us.
Practical info:
– We have some mats and small cushions, but do bring your own mat/towel/cushion if possible! **Wear warm clothes**!
– Free entrance, but donations are welcome to support the teacher.
– Doors open 15 min before the lesson (19.45). We close the door to start the session (20.00). Please try to be on time.
For more info PM Yoga De Verrekijker or send an email to
About Yoga De Verrekijker:
Yoga de verrekijker is a yoga community whose goal is to spread awareness of donation-based events for student and teachers. Our aim is to make yoga and meditation affordable for everyone, especially students, and those just starting their yoga practice. We also aim to help new teachers gain confidence, experience, and spread their knowledge with the community. Yoga de verrekijker sustains itself through volunteer contribution. As a community, we are always looking for more volunteers. Volunteers do not need to be teachers! We are always looking for new creative members and collaborators to help us grow our community. We have many ideas on how to further develop the community but we need your help! If you’d like to help contribute to our community, send us a message, or come meet us!

Datum & tijd: 

dinsdag, 26 maart, 2019 - 20:00 tot 21:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!



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