...And the Gods made Coffee + Real Farmer (noiserock)

vrijdag, 30 november tot zaterdag, 1 december

...And the Gods made Coffee! (more TBA)

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…And The Gods Made Coffee is a rocknrollbluespunkloudscreamnoiseshit-band from Groningen. If the genre description given earlier isn’t clear enough: the music is loud, blatant and the opposite of subtle. …And The Gods Made Coffee is all about energy. With a frontman triggering mosh pits by walking through the audience, hard hitting drums, cutting edge guitars and a bass that sounds like a puking granny are the ingredients; the live shows are an experience you got to take part in. short, powerful and hard
Listen: https://andthegodsmadecoffeemusic.bandcamp.com/
Real Farmer
When searching for this band I came across the top ten country songs about farming. Facebook brought me to Real Farmer Memes. Finally, in the city library I blew the dust off a very small and hidden book about fake farmers, in which they were mentioned in disgust. Real Farmer is a band that epitomizes obscurity. You’ll find them in back alley off-broadway clubs pretending to succeed, and often triumph in doing so. The Real Farmers’ name is directly about them as a band, since it takes a lot of fucking patience to watch the crops grow. The audience is the produce, since except for feigned interest and kidney failure they do not produce anything of their own. REAL FARMER is here to milk the dripping teat of fresh success. So get your nips primed and ready and holler at these soggy boys. It’s harvest time.
DOORS: 20:00
ENTRANCE: Free as always, donations for the artists apreciated!

Datum & tijd: 

vrijdag, 30 november, 2018 - 20:00 tot zaterdag, 1 december, 2018 - 01:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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