vrijdag, 12 oktober

Konta:Bar presents: Serious

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We are very excited to invite you to Serious
a serious evening, with serious performances, for serious people
“Babel” by Zvov – album release
The Dora’s
Surpries by Camille Verhaak & friends
Zvov will release their debute album “Babel” which is based on a live performance.
After 3 years of work and one year after recording, this baby is ready for you.
Zvov will perform Babel and a special physical edition of the album will be available for sale.
Babel – A Performative Tower by Zvov
In a world based on logical separations and putting people in boxes, we say: No more! No more order, we’re done, this leads nowhere! we want chaos! Hop on the Babel rollercoaster: a classical string trio gone bad, lots of bla-bla text in gibberish and other languages you won’t understand. Ridiculous costumes, detached characters, unrelated songs – Babel tells the story of the Zvov trio who got lost in common sense but found itself with everyone else in the shelter of nonsense.
Maya Felixbrodt – Viola, Clara Rivière – Cello, Shaya Feldman – Double-bass.
The Dora’s is a live electronic duo existing of Cecylia Dorota Fenrych and Eva Dorothé Aukes.
Cecylia and Eva have been immersed in classical music for most of their lives. Their musical journey together began in Amsterdam in 2014. In their creations they have wandered off from the path of traditional instrumental music to explore the sounds of live electronics.
The blend of guitar and viola with live electronics and singingbowls resulted in a colorful mix of ambient, psychedelic, experimental and hypnotizing sounds.
Inspired by an extensive range of artists (from classical to electropop and a lot of things in between), their compositions are a naturally shaped reflection on existing music merged with original material.
Camille Verhaak & friends will Surprise
Free entrance
donation appreciated

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vrijdag, 12 oktober, 2018 - 20:00 tot 23:59
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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