Meditation with John

dinsdag, 18 september

Meditation with John

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Mindfulness is a meditation practice of relating to moment-to-moment experience in ways that reduce stress, brings focus and calm.
Come and join for a guided meditation session where we practice 3 skills:
* Concentration * anchoring attention on the breath, and returning to the breath each time the mind wanders (it will always wander!)
* Composure * The skill of being present with, for example, a pain in the knee, or a difficult emotion, without getting distracted by thoughts about what is going on.
* Clarity * noticing, connecting to the felt sensations in the body.
We have some mats and small cushions. However, if you bring your own mat /towel and cushion you might be more comfortable.
For more info PM Yoga De Verrekijker or send an email to
Doors open at 19:40

Datum & tijd: 

dinsdag, 18 september, 2018 - 19:30 tot 21:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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