The Price of Happiness

vrijdag, 24 juni

The Price of Happiness

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Have you ever thought about what the world would be like if there was no sadness? Just think about it for a second. You just got fired? It could be worse. You just looked down at the weighing scales you’re currently standing on? Well, it could always be worse. Your dog just died? It could be so much worse!

Let OnStage take you to Omelas, a place with no sadness, only happiness and beauty. Join us on the 17th and 24th of June in the Vondelbunker to sit back and enjoy a night of light comedy and maybe even some food for thought. The Price of Happiness is a short play written and directed by AUC’s very own Tessa Weightman, with a star-studded all-AUC cast: Sophie Smeets, Renee Garritsen, Geert van Bemmelen, Isa Rebecca, and last but not least Francesca Elizabeth Root.

The tickets are totally FREEEE but to make sure you’ll have a seat, please send us a reservation at Tell us your name, the number of people you’re planning to bring, and which of the two nights you’re coming.

We hope to see you all on the 17th or the 24th at the Vondelbunker, and we hope you enjoy the show. But even if you don’t, it could always be worse!

Love, OnStage

Datum & tijd: 

vrijdag, 24 juni, 2016 - 20:00 tot 23:59


  • theater
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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