Cráter (Diana Cantarey & Ricardo Benítez Garrido, 2023) + Q&A

vrijdag, 16 juni

Cráter (Diana Cantarey & Ricardo Benítez Garrido, 2023) + Q&A

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Diana Cantarey & Ricardo Benítez Garrido | 2023 | Mexico | 67’ | EN subs

In collaboration with El Colegio de la Desextinción •••

During the 2020 pandemic summer, artists' group El Colegio de la Desextinción infiltrated into the holidays of four Divine Caste’s descendants. This elite built its wealth on slavery in the sisal plantations of Yucatán, Mexico, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Every year these families move to their opulent summer houses at Chicxulub Puerto, built at the same place where the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit. In these apocalyptic beaches, seducers of asteroids and conquistadors, we proposed the young heirs to write and star in a film about Chicxulub’s crater, in which they staged their entrepreneur fantasies. This documentary is the result of the political unconsciousness of this peninsular ethnic group.

A Q&A with the filmmaker will take place after the screening.


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vrijdag, 16 juni, 2023 - 20:30


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