Food Autonomy Festival #6 Amsterdam

vrijdag, 27 mei tot zondag, 29 mei

Food Autonomy Festival #6 Amsterdam

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We are happy to invite you to the sixth edition of the Food Autonomy Festival. We look forward to be ‘Sowing Solidarity, Nurturing Resistance and Harvesting Autonomy’ with all of you as we welcome you to Amsterdam during the last weekend of May.


May 27th until 29th


May 27, Lutkemeerpolder, farming day
May 28-29, Noordoogst (Meteorenweg 272), workshops, stalls & evening programme


What is the Food Autonomy Festival and for whom is it organized?

For a weekend we invite you to join the festival where you can learn practical skills, hear people’s experiences, build alternatives and share moments of laughter and joy. Being organized by volunteers, and as part of ASEED, the festival is a place where activists, farmers, young academics, food-lovers -among many others who fight together for social and ecological justice- are brought together. It is a place for everyone who is interested in the topics we are discussing, those who know about these topics already, and those who want to learn more. Collectively we will take engagement with food beyond procurement and make it a site of resistance, solidarity and autonomy.

How can I help?

We are always looking for extra hands to build tents, set up the festival terrain and clean up afterwards. If you are interested, please send a message to info [at] aseed [dot] net and express your interest in volunteering.

More information

Keep an eye on our website  to find out more about the programme, locations and workshops!

We look forward to see at the festival, let’s root and blossom together!

Datum & tijd: 

vrijdag, 27 mei, 2022 (Hele dag) tot zondag, 29 mei, 2022 (Hele dag)


  • actie/protest/camp
  • discussie/presentatie
  • muziek


  • free
  • tegen donatie
Meteorenweg 272
1035 RN Amsterdam

ASEED (Actie voor Solidariteit, Gelijkheid, Milieu en Diversiteit) is een internationale campagneorganisatie. Wij hechten belang aan het betrekken van mensen bij basisdemocratische activiteiten. ASEED Europe wil de structurele oorzaken van milieuproblemen en sociale onrechtvaardigheid aanpakken.


  • actie/protest/camp

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