Anarchist bookfair 2021

da Venerdì, 24 Settembre a Domenica, 26 Settembre

Anarchist bookfair 2021

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We would like to be able to welcome as much book enthusiasts as possible, this is why we decided to postpone the bookfair to the 24-26 september 2021.

We hope to see you at the Tscharnergut in Bern at that moment!

Data e Orario: 

da Venerdì, 24 Settembre, 2021 (Tutto il giorno) a Domenica, 26 Settembre, 2021 (Tutto il giorno)

Is this a callout or mobilisation?: 

  • international callout


  • book shop/info shop/library
  • discussion/presentation


Community Center de_block
Waldmannstrasse 17
3027 Bern


Tram 8: Tscharnergut

The Bookfair offers a large range of anti-authoritarian publications of an anarchist tendancy, or close to anarchist values and ideas, brought here by publishers or groups coming from Switzerland, Germany, France or Italy ….


  • book shop/info shop/library / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / music/concert