Auzperriko gaztetxea

Auzperriko gaztetxea

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The gaztetxe in Aurizberri is located in the building that was once the doctor's house. Initially we used it as a place to live a small part of the house, with the permission of the village council. In 2005, with a new generation of young people, we decided to make a change in functioning. In addition to occupying the entire house, we began to operate through assembly and self-management. This created a lot of problems between the youth and the council. From then until today, we have made many changes and reflections to improve its operation.
Throughout the year we offer a wide range of activities: sports tournaments, films, workshops, lunches, festivals. The main goal is to promote participation, social awareness, collaboration and cultural alternatives. We also work with local groups, organizations and coordinators. The main challenge is to keep our town and area alive; to this end, we attach great importance to keeping young people living in the village.
We make decisions in the general assembly, but we work through different working groups: actions and communication, works, economy and services. We also have spokespersons to contact institutions and residents. The work to be done by the groups is decided in general assemblies, and we convene them as needed.


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Auzperriko gaztetxea


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