Alegiako Gaztetxea

Alegiako Gaztetxea

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We occupied the Alegiako Gaztetxea in December 1987. A group of local musicians asked the City Council to use the old slaughterhouse, but they were kicked out before receiving a response. In this situation, we needed a space to meet the needs of the time, and we created the Alegia Youth Assembly (Alegiako Gazte Asanblada) and occupied the old warehouse next to the train station. We continue there, building the youth center project every day through self-management.
We aim to encourage young people in the village to participate and foster mutual relationships. To do this, we organize many activities: concerts, conferences, meetings, neighborhood workshops, sports tournaments, etc. We do the assembly a couple of times a month, where we make all the decisions.


  • children's activity
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting
  • music/concert


Alegiako Gaztetxea
Bidebarrieta kalea
20260 Alegia


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