'Why is it That Others Feel No Interest For Us?' by Frere Dupont

Sabato, 30 Maggio

'Why is it That Others Feel No Interest For Us?' by Frere Dupont

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An online discussion about Frere Dupont’s essay Why is it others feel no interest for us?, hosted by FORGED BOOKS, Manchester’s anarchist reading group.

Conversation will take place on the jitsi platform here: https://8x8.vc/forged/books


Why is it That Others Feel No Interest For Us?
That is us. We are on the verge of recognising ourselves. We inscribe the area and the activity. It is us, us, us.
We are the ones who spend our energies in the struggle against capital. We define capitalism, we define the struggle against capitalism, we define ourselves as the agent of that struggle, and we sketch out the goals that we are fighting for.
But doesn’t this involve only a very small number of people?
This only involves a very small number of people.
And capitalism is a system of social relations that conditions the existence of billions of human beings.
So, if this system of social relations is so harmful why aren’t there many, many more people involved in the struggle against it?
We don’t want to talk about that.




alt. link: https://lib.anarhija.net/library/frere-dupont-why-is-it-that-others-feel-no-interest-for-us

hard copy: https://www.activedistributionshop.org/shop/books/1316-species-being-and...


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Sabato, 30 Maggio, 2020 - 14:00


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