Lawrence Jarach's 'Instead of a Meeting/Primer'

Sabato, 23 Maggio

Lawrence Jarach's 'Instead of a Meeting/Primer'

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An online discussion about Lawrence Jarach’s essay Instead of a Meeting, hosted by FORGED BOOKS, Manchester’s anarchist reading group.

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Anarchism derives from the philosophical premise that institutionalized power and enforcement, especially in the form of the State, is a negative method of trying to create and maintain social cohesion. The defining aspect of anarchism is a categorical rejection of the principle and practice of government. Further, anarchism entails a radical critique of the exercise of authority and power...

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hard copy: (similar, but not identical, essays to Jarach’s primer)



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Sabato, 23 Maggio, 2020 - 14:00


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Presently squatted

FORGED BOOKS is a bookclub in the UK.  We host a reading group across Manchester and Sheffield.

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