Bellamy Fitzpatrick's 'Invitation to Desertion'

Domenica, 17 Maggio

Bellamy Fitzpatrick's 'Invitation to Desertion'

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An online discussion about Bellamy Fitzpatrick’s essay 'An Invitation to Desertion', hosted by FORGED BOOKS, Manchester’s anarchist reading group.

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We indict the Civilization of Leviathan as a truly insane way of life predicated on the creation of States to enforce the enslavement of the many so that the parasitic few may acquire absurd wealth and influence. Such social relations are poisonous to all involved, being based on venality and coercion, ridiculous commodity fetishism, and the death of real human community through domination and atomization...

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Domenica, 17 Maggio, 2020 - 14:00


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FORGED BOOKS is a bookclub in the UK.  We host a reading group across Manchester and Sheffield.

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