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As humans, Virginia, Kim and Tanya look at their own privelige to give voice to the soil and all beings (living and non-living) found within the soilsphere. We come together on the radio to investigate soil matters from the art/science/soil perspectives. We are sharing our knowledge and awareness to strengthen connection to soil.

Our first action was a soil coring, analysis of the soil horizon through time and an exhibition at the Rietveld Garden in Amsterdam. We welcome the questioning of this forced soilsphere interruption.

We continue the work during covid-19 quarantine, using the radio waves to share thoughts, love and discussion. You are incredibly welcome to listen to [88.3FM in Amsterdam] every Friday 16:00-19:00. You are also invited to send in requests for future episodes and projects. We welcome all comments and communications!

In dirt and carbon,

Tanya, Kim, and Virginia

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