Tussen 6 en UGLY #5:Swing/drumworkshop/perfomance and fundraiser for a change in Lebanon + nutricous Lebanese vegan food

Martedì, 6 Agosto

Tussen 6 en UGLY #5:Swing/drumworkshop/perfomance and fundraiser for a change in Lebanon + nutricous Lebanese vegan food

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The fifth edition of "Tussen 6 en UGLY" will bring you healing vibrations.

All the efforts of this fundraiser is to raise money for a new place that will offer a completely different spirit and atmosphere in Saida, a place where no creativity, kindess, purity is ever let to grow and find its way and reach its higher forms and stages. And the place is going to be a studio where you can record and play music for free only after learning how to swing and become aware of the descipline of playing and hearing music, in hopes to change the way people perceive themselves and other people. And also it will include a guest room for everyone that needs place to stay or anyone coming abroad and would like to enter this place where all the vibrations and frequencies are set for the purpose of well being and the connections to nature.

Polyflam O Rhythm will bring you delicious healthy Lebanese vegan food, and rythm forms that will speak to you, just like nature has always been speaking to all of us but the world has become too much of a noisey place and now you are tuned to mechanical motor engines all day by being next to cars, in cars, motor engines inside your house, in your neigbors houses, and finally the motor engine that has become your mind and you all think is in terms of factory decided rythm and patterns while nature was always there to show you beauty and simplicity, and with all this noise you cant get to feel or hear the vibrations that come from nature and see what they have to say.

Last wednesday they were in de Slibvelden opening up the skies, allowing lightyears of wisdom and the instinct of nature to find its way to our hearts through a multitude of black holes that had no resistance left and let it all pass through.


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Martedì, 6 Agosto, 2019 - 18:00


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