(A)-Tage Potsdam: Anarchismus in Japan

szerda, 7 június

(A)-Tage Potsdam: Anarchismus in Japan

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One year and half. One of the darkest one year and half after Daizo, an anarchist organizer from Tokyo, joined you for the talk about Anarchism in Japan, he will be back in Potsdam and this time not on the tiny screen, but in person!

He will talk about brief introduction on the history of anarchism in Japan (which some of you may remember from the last time), his experience of organizing artist/political autonomous collective in Tokyo, as well as some basic Japanese in order for you to „stay“ political in Japan. He will also have a temporary lesson on graffiti in Japanese so that you can turn your street all Japolitical!
He will always be open to any dialogue with you, so let’s talk, talk, talk!

@Olga, Charlottenstraße 28, Potsdam

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szerda, 7 június, 2023 - 18:00


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