BOSCHBAR::Candy Toe::DJ Saiye

hétfő, 12 június

BOSCHBAR::Candy Toe::DJ Saiye

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Candytoe - collective, band, and musical experiment in one - deals with the permanent sensory overload of a hyper-capitalistic, Internet-dominated world. Excessive demands for meaning, simultaneous and collective experience of loneliness in a SEGA bar in Akihabara, or simply the paralysing helplessness from scrolling through daily news feed are the source of compositions that move around the intersections between pop culture, kitsch and rebellion. Candytoe is a riot act and a narcotic drug rolled into one. Screaming loud, shrill, and bittersweet.

Dazzling genres like J-Pop, Fusion, and Italo-Horror are recycled from the depths of the internet and fired off all at once. Internet trends like memes, jingles, and vocaloid characters are picked up, processed into short loops and serve as the basis for compositions, visual material, and explosive, associative improvisations. Edited happy hardcore tracks shake the Ministry of Solitude’s echo chamber.

Candytoe celebrates such an evocative, addictive, immersive experience.



see you on the shiny dacefloor...!

Dátum & Idő: 

hétfő, 12 június, 2023 - 22:00


  • bár/kávézó
  • zene/koncert
  • buli


  • ingyenes
  • 3-5 CHF
- 5.–
Sihlquai 240
8005 Zürich


  • bár/kávézó / zene/koncert / buli

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