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Utrecht: squatted floors on the Oudegracht 106-108 illegally evicted

Utrecht (Netherlands) – Late Saturday evening the police nevertheless proceeded with an illegal eviction to protect the interests of the owner Caron Realestate & Management BV.

Earlier in the day, squatters had announced that they had been using the upper floors for several days.
In response, the police responded accordingly, and an officer of justice explained to the owner that a procedure will be initiated, that he could file a complain and have his arguments for a possible urgent case reviewed by the investigation judge.
This is a new procedure to get squatters out of a property faster that went into effect on July 1, 2022.

From that point on, the owner himself decided to block access to the property, by having some big guys stand guard for the rest of the day in the staircase, which is a common entrance for several business areas, and thus also the entrance for the new occupants.
While the police stood beside them, these men blocked access for visitors, supplies and the residents. This is very contrary to the right of access to their home for every resident.

After hours of almost no communication with the police, the residents were still in a kind of hostage situation. The police returned along with someone from the fire department for a security inspection.
It was clear that the authorities (mayor, justice department & police) were trying all possibilities to investigate whether a speed eviction could not be justified after all.

The fire department, which claimed to be there only for the safety of the squatters, was admitted, but then would not say anything about whether or not it would be safe, or what might endanger the residents.
The answer was that the new residents would hear from the police soon enough, after which they left again.

Several hours later, around 10 p.m., the police suddenly reappeared in large numbers. The street was blocked off and the squat was evicted. This was done without any notice or demand for the squatters to leave the squatted floors.

Some squatters were barricaded on the roof with lockons. The police once again had to pull out all their heavy equipment to serve the interests of real estate speculators, and make people who cannot afford ordinary housing homeless.

It is clear that there is no longer a place for housing in Utrecht, let alone for people who dare to stand up against it.

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Utrecht: neccesity breaks law

Squatted buildings in central Utrecht to celebrate 12 years of squatting ban

Utrecht (Netherlands) – On October 1, 2022, exactly 12 years after the Squatting and Vacancy Act (Wet Kraken en leegstand) came into effect, the office spaces above the Intersport on Oudegracht 106-108 were squatted. The squatters aim to demonstrate that squatting is still a legitimate option in addressing and combating the housing crisis and homelessness. Although the law is supposed to combat vacancy, vacancy rates have only increased since the squatting ban. At the same time, there is an unprecedented housing crisis, which means that people searching for a house are on waiting lists, miss out on houses because investors outbid them and, when they do manage to get a house, have to work their asses off to pay the rent. This while squatting and the squatting movement have been criminalized and persecuted.

On Thursday, October 29, the vacant premises on Oudegracht were squatted. The squatters announced this on Oct. 1, exactly 12 years after the law against Squatting and Vacancy came into effect. In 1930, the largest restaurant in Utrecht, Heck’s Lunchroom, opened here at the corner of Potterstraat and Oudegracht. Starting in 1998, the first two floors were converted into an Intersport store. The top two floors were then leased as office space but have since lost this function. Since 2019, there has been talk of a rooftop restaurant, and permits were sought to convert the office into a hotel and change the facades. However, these permits were denied, and three years later, the two floors above the Intersport are still not being used.

According to the squatters, squatting is still a legitimate option, simultaneously addressing the current housing crisis and growing homelessness. “Although squatting has been criminalized since the 2010 squatting ban, squatting is still possible. It is a legitimate form of direct action that addresses housing vacancy and directly converts that vacancy into housing.” Indeed, squatting still serves as an effective tool against speculators and housing corporations that use houses only as tools to make profit.

Other locations in Utrecht also called attention to the housing shortage, to properties being evicted for vacancy, and to the criminalization of squatting. Banners were hung on buildings and above the highway in several locations in Utrecht. One banner on the building squatted several times in recent years at Archimedeslaan 16, reads “Evicting for vacancy is asking for resistance.” Here, more than three years ago, in July 2019, 400 students had to make way for the demolition of the buildings that still has not taken place.

In Utrecht alone, more than 1,500 buildings are already empty and it takes at least nine years before it is one’s turn to move into social housing. The squatters hope to encourage people with this action: “You can’t live on a waiting list. With this we hope to encourage people to take matters into their own hands and demand their right to live. After all, having a roof over your head is a first necessity of life, while property is not.”

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Hebden Bridge, UK: Squatters win


We appeared infront of a judge in Bradford County Court today, which was more that could be said for Royds Ices, alleged landlords of the building. They recieved our defence, and then refused to stop hiding in their consultation room. Complete no shows.

See you next time Royd’s (if you can be arsed).
For now, Disinfo still stands.

Cheers for your support x

Hebden Bridge, UK: Update from Disinfo social centre

As some of you may already know, we have recently received eviction papers, and will be appearing in Bradford County Court this Thursday morning at 10.30am to defend Disinfo against the landlords who are filing for a possession order.
Our time in the building is limited, and your support is vital in every way possible.
Court support, using the space as much as possible, and any financial contributions are very welcome at this time.
We will always resist, and we remain committed to providing an autonomous community space for as long as we occupy this building.
Our open mic is tomorrow (Tuesday 27th), and could well be our last. It’d be great to see as many of you there as possible.
Feel free to message us for more details on how to help us out at court.
Let’s have it. Hebden is stronger together.
Disinfo x

NL: Call for solidarity from Rotterdam!

We are ANGRY as FUCK

The new squatting laws make it possible to evict within THREE DAYS>>>

a squat where we peacefully lived in for over a year, without causing ANY trouble, FIXING the LEAKS in the house, REMOVING the TOXIC FUNGI, building the Rythms of Resistance drum band community, hosting events with Cultural Workers Unite, the Union of precarious housing and more- even getting funding from the government to grow a cute little fucking facade garden- our RIGHT to housing is being IGNORED.

We are supposed to be able to gather our stuff in THREE DAYS. THEY CAN KICK US OUT IN THREE DAYS. THREE FUCKING DAYS. HELP US by coming to our party on tuesday night or COME TO OUR COURTCASE THIS WEDNESDAY 10 AM at the Rotterdam court (close to wilhelminaplein) to show your support!!!!!

Love BUT MOSTLY RAGE, the inhabitants of WAALHAVEN NZ 1

UK: Stop HS2 news – Jellytot imprisoned

We are appalled that today our JellyTot has been sentenced to 268 days in prison for breach of a HS2 injunction.

The alleged breach was the 47 day occupation of a tunnel under Bluebell Woods Protection camp in Staffordshire – an occupation that was to protect the forest from needless destruction by HS2.

Many of you will know JellyTot, who has been campaigning tirelessly against HS2 since 2019.

Whilst we applaud JellyTot for his selfless acts and for standing up against the ecodical, corporate machine that is HS2, the Judiciary has once again acted to protect and defend the interests of private companies, as they continue to destroy life on earth.

With this news, we ask anyone who can to donate to this fundraiser that is providing vital support to those imprisoned by HS2.

These funds have been vital in preparing JellyTot for prison, and making sure he was well supported in court. Further funds will go directly towards supporting JellyTot inside – including paying for commissary, phone calls and emails.

We will continue to support and stand in solidarity with JellyTot and will let you know how you can get in touch with him soon.

Activists Against HS2 Prisoner Support Fund– This fund has been set up to support Anti-HS2 Activists who HS2 are trying to send to prison.

Susa Valley: barricading weekend on the border

October 01-03, weekend to build barricades at the occupied house on the border, we want to invite anyone interested to give us a hand to make the house safer, before winter! We are waiting for you !
Yallah, the autonomous occupied shelter, is in Cesana-Torinese, between Oulx and Claviere, Italy. This house is owned by Enel, the main company that manages the production but above all distribution of electricity in Italy and of course they are not very happy to have us here.
An eviction could take place at any time. Since there is always a lot to do here en not always enough skills, we want to invite anyone interested to come and spend a weekend with us at Yallah, help us to make the house safer and sharing dinners together! We have some building materials and tools, but it would be nice if more were brought in!

18 Via Giovanni Battista Armand
10054 Cesana TO, Italy

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Ljubljana: statement from the Anarchist Initiative in support of the new autonomous center PLAC

It gives us great joy to welcome the establishment of a new autonomous space PLAC in Ljubljana that started today with the communal-political occupation of the empty, derelict, and publicly-owned building on Linhart Street!

We see this occupation as a protest against the existing social order and as a concrete answer to the daily worsening of social circumstances and problems such an order creates.
Occupation is a political act of emancipation and direct action that addresses important social issues, pertaining to all of us and our collective futures. The housing crisis, high rent, and lack of non-commercial spaces for creativity and action are but a few of these issues. Indirectly, it also addresses rampant corruption, social inequality, and the distribution of the Commonwealth. The newly occupied publicly-owned building, that is managed by the DUTB (‘bad bank’ organization) quite literally represents the money we all paid for the great bank bailout of 2012. Back then, the name of the game was a shameless transfer of wealth from the have-nots to the haves. With this occupation, we are returning a small part of that stolen money to the people for communal use.

Furthermore, we see this occupation as a protest against the commercialization and commodification of our lives and society. For years, we have seen our neighborhoods, our towns, our society, and our very lives transformed by the interests of the capital. Those who have colonized all the aspects of society, subjugated them to their made-up laws and excluded anyone directly affected by these changes from the decision-making process. Ruling politicians – both local and national – remain diligent accomplices to those processes. Public space is shrinking and becoming privatized, the city is changing in accordance with the wishes of the wealthy, while mere residents are pushed to the fringes of society. All the activities, including the city and even the societal infrastructure, are subject to the logic of commercialization and profit. Do we need luxury apartments on every green spot? Is it sensible to accept Airbnb-style renting, when there’s a lack of housing for the young, the students, and even the local populace? Does every youth center need to transform into a for-profit bar?

We see this occupation as a continuation of the rich history of establishing autonomous spaces in Slovenia, which have already played an important role in different eras and areas. Regardless if it’s Petek 13. (Friday the 13th) of Železniki, the littoral squats of INDE and ARGO, or those in Gorizia, Sokolski dom in Novo Mesto, or Ljubljana’s AC Molotov and Autonomous factory ROG, which was so violently destroyed last year by the municipality. They offered alternatives and reflection in the times of disintegration, diminishment, and privatization of the communal, the public. Primarily, they created a space to freely self-organize, to create actions, and events in a not-for-profit space, and took up many social functions on a multitude of levels that the state didn’t. Such as taking care of the marginalized people: the homeless, the addicts, and the migrants. Or creating an exceptional independent and non-profit culture scene. Or all the crucial, autonomous, grassroots political initiatives outside the meddling of party politics. Student and Labour organizing. Addressing the Gig economy and migrant work. Feminism. The erased people. Antiracism. So, we’re really looking forward to all the many activities that are bound to happen in this new space!

We need to stress again that the creation of the new autonomous space is in the public interest. In the interest of the local community, the residents not only of this city, but towns all across the country, and anyone else who doesn’t profit from real estate speculations, building luxury flats, or political and capitalist corruption. We expect the powers that be to put down their batons and consider this occupation for what it is: A legitimate political act, whose results and future must be decided in the widest possible civic discourse.

We’re expressing our full support to the new space once more, and encouraging others to take up active support and participation both for it and within it. May today’s action be an encouragement for many others like it elsewhere and in the future!

Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana / Anarhistična pobuda Ljubljana (APL-FAO)

Participativna Ljubljanska Avtonomna Cona (PLAC)
Linhartova 43
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana: PLAC, new autonomous zone squatted

Last Saturday, a new autonomous zone was established in Ljubljana, called the Participatory Ljubljana Autonomous Zone (PLAC). The squat is located at 43 Linhartova Street, behind Bežigrad.

Around 13:00 on Saturday 3rd september, around 100 people entered the abandoned building of the former canteen of the Ljubljana Road Company at 43 Linhartova Street and declared the occupied building an autonomous zone. They wrote that they had created “a space for all those who have been sidelined by the socio-political order and deprived of the infrastructure for their cultural and political participation and the realization of their aspirations”. In the hours following the occupation of the empty building, the premises and the surrounding area were cleaned up.

The occupiers explained at the press conference that their motivation was the lack of opportunities to act in an increasingly gentrified city. A lack that has been felt by younger and less emancipated communities in recent years, especially after the eviction of the Rog Autonomous Factory.

The new autonomous space seeks to counter the social trends of privatisation and commercialisation of social spaces, which make universal participation Participatory Ljubljana Autonomous Zonedifficult or even impossible.

After the bankruptcy of Cestnega Podjetja Ljubljana in 2014, the former canteen is owned by DUTB or Slaba Bank. We haven’t heard anything from DUTB at the time of writing. The choice of the building carries a symbolic meaning, as the new users explain.

The Autonomous Zone will replace the wasteful management of social property with a program for all. In addition to self-organised cultural events and workshops, a people’s library is planned.

The police came to PLAC twice in the past few days. They have applied pressure by collecting personal data of the people around as a preventive measure. Reportedly in case of material damage to the abandoned facility. The new users of the facility, however, recall their pre-election promises to the People’s Initiative, in which many parties stressed the importance of autonomous zones and pledged to support new ones.

The re-establishment of an autonomous space gives back to Ljubljana, and especially to the cultural and political margin, the promise of what it lost two years ago. The promise of a non-hierarchical autonomous community gives rise to optimism that alternative self-organization will regain its place in a city that has been subjected to strong gentrification in recent years. However, it is not only the social margins that will have an opportunity in PLAC, but also the ruling political establishment, which may stick to its pre-election promises for a change.

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Martin Pečan, Radio Študent

Wassenaar: Ivicke remains – empty

Wassenaar (Netherlands) – The inhabitants of Huize Ívicke on Rust en Vreugdlaan (avenue of rest and joy) in Wassenaar have left. The monumental country house, which they returned to meaningful use in July 2018 after years of vacancy, is once again free as a bird. What will happen to the fairy-tale mansion and the surrounding estate in the coming years, no one knows. If it were up to slum king Ronnie van de Putte, the villa would rather be on fire yesterday than today in order to ultimately make as much profit with the estate as possible.

As friends of this autonomous residential community, which has allowed the abandoned estate to flourish in an impressive way in 4 years, we are very concerned about the future of Ívicke. Although the property – with its many rooms – was built 110 years ago as a residential home, the municipality of Wassenaar has fought tooth and nail to ensure that it may no longer be inhabited by anyone. Now – in accordance with the zoning plan – an office is to be built, but which company and when? Van de Putte seems to be the last one to worry about this question. And that is worrisome, because several of his hovels have already mysteriously gone up in flames. Not for nothing has the municipality now placed fences and cameras around Ívicke.

Haunted House

On Thursday morning, on the court-appointed eviction date, the police were on hand to evict our friends from their homes, but it turned out that the last residents had already left. After a months-long process of lawsuits, the battle for Huize Ívicke seems to have come to an end for the time being. Now that no one lives there anymore and the owner still has no concrete plans (except for keeping the municipality on a tight leash) we can this time point to the municipality as the genius who has brought the curse of vacancy on this national monument. Wassenaar gets her infamous haunted house back.

Free space

By making the property wind and waterproof and making it their home, the squatters saved Ívicke in a sense. After many years, the rooms were heated again, the overgrown outdoor courtyard was cleared, and a vegetable garden, compost toilets, and a fire pit, among other things, were created. We have fond memories of those early days, when the residential community took shape and received a lot of support from friends, family and squatters from other cities, who sometimes helped for days.

In the months following the squatting, Ívicke became a “rest and joy” place for more and more people. Like many other squatters and autonomous people from the cities, we liked to come to the monumental country house with our tents to escape the city bustle under an old beech or oak tree. In addition, there was a lot of collaboration to get things done. In the basement, workshop spaces, a bar and a party room were set up. In the central room, cafes and concerts were organized. Around the house, workshop and skillshare days were held by action groups from the climate movement, the No Border Camp settled there and festivals followed in cooperation with artists and autonomous people from the Amsterdam area.

Ivicke House is empty again. But let’s not be sad forever, because we are still going to squat in so many beautiful places!
Thanks everyone for the great years, and wishing all the displaced people the best.

A few friends of Ívicke

Villa Ivicke
Wassenaar, The Netherlands
ivickeautonoom [at] riseup [dot] net

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Amsterdam: Wijde Heisteeg 7 call out

On the 9th January 2016 a squatting action took place in the center of Amsterdam. WH7 Wijde Heisteeg 7, a 6 story building in a pretty bad shape. This action was done for two reasons, the presentation of the squatting manual and as a living/social space.
The building was chosen for being a famous example of emptiness for speculation. It is owned by P. W. Hagedoorn, A well know speculator from the city who was also involved with the Spinhuis eviction.
The house was previously squatted in 2007 till 2011. Then was evicted to remain empty for five more years till it was squatted again.
The project hosted numerous people as well a social space with a free shop and different activities. It also worked together with the neighbours and Vereniging Vrienden van de Amsterdamse Binnenstad to fight against the owner and his new project. He wanted to make a renovation that was met with opposition of both groups for different reasons.
After almost one year of good times and struggle the court of Amsterdam decided to take the inhabitants to court. As expected this court was just a show where the inhabitants could not win, but pretended to be fair. Less than 16h after the verdict was given in the morning of 23 December the police show up at the house at 7 am and started the eviction. 4 people a dog and a cat where arrested inside the house. They spend some hours/days in a cel complex to be released waiting for a court date.
In November 2017 two of the people arrested got a fine of 500€ and were requested to give their DNA samples. For the other two people the court has ordered prison sentences, one of four and one of six weeks and DNA samples from each.
The son of the owner filed a claim for € 106.110,60 in damages and compensation for lost rent and VAT. the court declared this request inadmissible.
The 2 persons with prison sentence decided to make an appeal to the court decision.
The higher court took place on the 24th June 2021. The judge decided to reduce the sentence. The person with 4 weeks got 1 week on probation. The person with 6 weeks got 3 weeks on probation. For both the probation time was 2 years.
But the judge also decided that the person with 6 weeks should pay a fine of 15500€
3000€ the cost of the lawyer of the owner.
3000€ the cost of the cleaning of the house.
8000€ compensation for one month of “missed rent” for the owner. 1500€ wettelijke rente.
The person took de decision to go to last appeal (cassatie) with the Supreme Court, but the court decided that were no grounds to be accepted.
Our friend has to pay the 15,500€ before 16th August 2022 or face a prison sentence of 105 days. (315 days and still has to pay)


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Poznan: Eviction of Rozbrat is approaching. Demonstration on september 10th.

After years of fighting for preservation of Rozbrat, the most critical moment in almost thirty years of history of this place is coming. A court hearing will be held on September 15th, at which a final judgment is to be issued, giving a green light to the eviction of Rozbrat.

Practically, this means throwing out over twenty inhabitants, as well as a number of socio-political, cultural and environmental initiatives gathering hundreds of people. It is also a real threat to a part of the West Greenery Wedge, which is effectively protected against construction development by Rozbrat.

Although a threat has been hanging over us for many years, the culmination of which is expected in September, Rozbrat tirelessly continues its activities. We do not stop to oppose the neoliberal and anti-social policy of the Poznań authorities, which represent interests of business at the expense of needs of the majority of the city’s residents.

OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Workers’ Initiative Union), which is currently operating in about eighty workplaces, originates from Rozbrat. Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie Lokatorów (The Wielkopolska Association of Tenants) was also born here. Thanks to these initiatives, many professional and tenant groups have been able to count on help for many years. Dozens of families were saved from being evicted onto the streets, thousands assisted in their debt relief, many others obtained legal support and overdue wages. During the protests, these organizations are loudly supported by rhythms of the oldest activist samba group in Poland, member of the Rhythms of Resistance network.

Rozbrat is also a place where hundreds of concerts and film screenings, festivals, exhibitions, theatre performances, discussions, book fairs, lectures as well as workshops have taken place. The city of Poznań has repeatedly boasted about these events in its official promotional materials, forgetting that if it were not for Rozbrat, many of these cultural events would not have had a chance to be performed.

Moreover, Rozbrat houses an archive and a library, which have unique copies in their collections. These places are eagerly visited by students and researchers. There is also a publishing house and a bookstore.

We also provide gig halls and a rehearsal room, a gallery, places for meetings and discussions, a screen-printing workshop, a carpentry shop, a bicycle workshop, a gym and a sports hall to all who are interested. Experienced trainers conduct free classes, including Muay Thai, Yoga or Brazilian Samba, as part of the Freedom Fighters sports club.

The community around Rozbrat has been protesting for years against construction on the ‘green wedges’ and destruction of the natural environment. We resist the ignorance of planners, for whom the interest of investors is more important than minimizing impact of climate change on the lives of Poznań residents. We were on St. Anna’s Mount, in Rospuda and in the Białowieża Primeval Forest. We grounded Green Wave – a group guided in its activities by the idea of degrowth.

In November 2020, we defended the area of allotment garden ROD Bogdanka against the attempts of developers and created Wolny Ogród Miejski Bogdanka (WOMB, Bogdanka Free Municipal Garden) in its place. It is a space that gives all interested parties the opportunity to cultivate crops, as well as organize and participate in events and workshops surrounded by greenery. WOMB has already been appreciated twice by the inhabitants of Poznań, receiving the prize in the competition for the Best Poznań Non-Governmental Initiative – Initiators 2020 and the first place in the newspapers’ Gazeta Wyborcza poll for the most popular green space in Poznań.

We operate on the principles of self-organization and direct democracy, without any subsidies or sponsors, regardless of the politicians and businesses we keep eye on and whose anti-social decisions we fight. Therefore, many of them would like to get rid of us.

The liquidation of Rozbrat means loss of a strong weapon in the fight for the city without eviction, exploitation and poverty, which puts welfare of its inhabitants above the interests of developers. It is an attempt to silence the society in its dispute with arrogant officials in the face of progressive commercialization and privatization of public space. It deprives all of us of a place which, through its actions, had a significant impact on the development of Poznań, on countless groups, organizations, initiatives and individuals who came into contact with and received support from Rozbrat. Many of them joined our activities, making further changes for the better.


Therefore, we call for mobilization of all those who are not indifferent towards the progression of concreting of Poznań and the liquidation of part of the West Green Wedge, who appreciate the potential of self-organization and do not want residents to be deprived of their influence on their city. Everyone who wants to preserve a place that is unique on European scale, which is Rozbrat. Thus, we announce even a direct fight, if necessary, to keep Rozbrat in its current place and shape – any attempt to displace it will meet with our resolute resistance!

Today we also invite you to the 28th birthday party of Rozbrat, which will take place on September 9th and 10th, and our action to defend Rozbrat, which we plan to carry out on September 10th.

Poznań without eviction, exploitation and concrete!
Rozbrat is here to stay!

Pułaskiego 21a
60-607 Poznan, Poland

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Rotterdam: No Border Camp 2022 has started

Week of actions and workshops against repressive border and migration policies

Rotterdam, 8 August 2022 – At 10 am this morning the No Border Camp 2022 has started at the Giessenweg 25 in Rotterdam. Over the coming week, hundreds of international activists will gather for actions, meetings, workshops, discussion and culture in the context of the struggle for a world without borders and freedom of movement for all. The international ‘Abolish Frontex’ campaign is an important spearhead of the camp.

The camp, including its actions and workshops, will call attention to the repressive and militarised Dutch and EU border and migration policies, at a time they reach new heights with walls, racism, violence and pushbacks at and beyond the borders. ‘The No Border Camp will bring people together to build a movement to resist the appalling, racist European border policies and take action against its profiteers, such as arms companies ‘, according to Noah of the organisation of the camp.

Abolish Frontex is a decentralised and autonomous network of at the moment some 130 groups and organisations from EU countries and beyond. The aim of Abolish Frontex is not to reform or improve EU border guard agency Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. But rather to target the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. Abolish Frontex is working towards ending the EU border regime, dismantling the border-industrial complex, and building a society where people are free to move and live.

The camp is organised by a coalition of activists from several groups in The Netherlands, and follows the previous No Border Camps in Rotterdam (2013) and Wassenaar (2019). The camp in 2019 ended with the occupation of the roof of the NATO Communications and Informations Agency in The Hague, to protest the role of NATO in forcing people to flee and its involvement in border security in the Mediterranean.

For more information: nbc-2022 [at] riseup [dot] net

If you want to visit the camp, please meet us at the entrance stand.

No Border Camp 2022

See also Abolish Frontex

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No Border Camps

Den Bosch: Solidarity afternoon at Krankenhause

At the end of July, the former presbytery on Vlijmensweg in Den Bosch was squatted.

On Tuesday, August 9, we are organizing an afternoon where we would like to provide information about the pros and cons of squatting, among other things. Our goal is to bring officials and young people closer together. It’s well known there is a high housing shortage, also in Den Bosch.

We would like to be of social interest and therefore invite media, officials and residents to be present at this solidarity afternoon at Vlijmenseweg 50, in Den Bosch. You are welcome from 14.00 and the event will last until approximately 18.00.

There will be an info table where you can get information about squatting, and we also want to encourage a dialogue between officials and residents about the social problems that bother them. You can also tell your story on camera. Only with your permission it will be shared further. And of course we provide free snacks and drinks!

Do you know someone who might be interested? Take them along or send the invitation!

Hope to see you there,
The residents of Krankenhause

Vlijmenseweg 50
5223GW s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

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Rotterdam: ‘Abolish Frontex’ – International No Border Camp

The No Border Camp will take place in Rotterdam! We will start on Monday morning the 8th of august at 10:00 by building up the camp. The exact location we will specify at that time. Make sure you are in or around the city and keep an eye on radar and website! Monday morning at 10:00 we will publish the exact location. We hope as many people as possible will show up as soon as possible to help us build the camp. Beware: there is a chance the police will be present and they will try and stop us. Be prepared for this. Take your bike (or other means of transportation) to make sure you can move around. See you Monday!

From Tuesday to Friday there will be a program of workshops, discussions and presentations. Next to the workshops below, there is plenty of room for ad hoc meetings, spontaneous workshops and other activities. The Sahara tent is always available for this, the We Are Here tent when there is no workshop scheduled. If you want to do something, please add this to the timetable on the tents. If you need help with something, please come to the entrance stand.

Workshops will be in English, unless noted otherwise. We’ll do our best to have people to do whisper translation available for each workshop.


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Mapping the border industrial complex: Rotterdam and surroundings – No Border Camp organization

Rotterdam and its region, in particular The Hague, harbor a number of state departments and agencies, international organizations and companies working on (facilitating) repressive border and migration policies. The orga group of the camp has made a (non-comprehensive) list of these locations and will introduce them in this workshop. If you want to know who and what deserves some special attention during the week of the camp (and afterwards), come to this workshop and ask your questions.

  • Circustent 14:00 – 15:30: Afrikaans Vluchtelingen Collectief

We African Refugees Collectives in the Netherlands are founded to Guide, Help and Support refugees and undocumented homeless who are living on the street in Amsterdam. These people do not have access to shelter, are not allowed to work or study, and are not eligible to receive social support from the government or municipality.

ARC stands for the alliance for the human rights of refugees and undocumented homeless who are living on the street in Amsterdam. Our main goal is to help undocumented migrants without shelter with essential basic needs. Our second goal is to help navigate undocumented homeless within the Dutch asylum system. Our aim is to support them with legal information on migration processes and empower them through activities in educative ways, such as by learning the Dutch language and by taking empowerment courses. Our big mission is to connect undocumented refugees with local residents in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands and to bring visibility on life of undocumented with media stream, and our dream is to sit down at the same table with policies makers. Therefore undocumented people will speak up themselves, and aim for policy makers to make the right decisions.

  • Circustent 16:00 – 17:30: Situation on the French-Italian Border – Networking and Exchange by people involved at the French-Italian border

This workshop will be an exchange of experiences and practices of resistance from the French-Italian border. How does the racist migration politics done by European states manifests in border region cities like Briançon, Clavière or Ventimiglia?

After an introduction focusing on the criminalization, racism and violence inflicted on people on the move in the southern border region around Roya valley and more north in the Hautes-Alpes, there will be time to share insights from daily resistance. Questions like: ‘Who is involved?’, ‘How does Solidarity takes shape in this places?’, ‘What is lacking?’ and ‘What are the upcoming challenges?’ will be discussed.

Next to a contribution to a better understanding of the context in this specific border region, the aim of this workshop is to conclude in some (not defined yet) kind of conne(a)ction, with collectives and people active in the Netherlands, in order to build a stronger link between different places of Resistance in the fight for Freedom of Movement for all.

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: How to help people affected by the war in Ukraine, anarchist perspectives – solidarity network V.

Description: there will be an input about the current situation, some groups and organizations will be introduced and also there will be a part about how to mentally support your friends affected by the war. After that there will be an open space for questions and discussion.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: Painting from a distance – Carlos

Painting from a distance aka paint bombs. What are they, how do you make them and how to use them. Short explanation about different types and short legal advice on using them.


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Phoenix and LGBTQ+ irregularisation

Phoenix is a self-led community by and for LGBTQI+ people in forced displacement, based in Amsterdam since July 2020. Phoenix promotes a safe space for sexual self-expression, peer empowerment, and addresses problems our members face from irregularization. The needs of LGBTQ+ irregularized persons are continuously dismissed in public discussion and with supporting organizations. With the workshop we intend to make the community’s struggles known further, and discuss together with attendees which steps our community could take in response.

Based on the narrative that migration is a security problem, pushed heavily by the European arms industry, EU border and migration policies focus on boosting and militarizing borders to keep or get refugees out. Meanwhile, non-EU-countries are pushed into acting as outpost border guards. An introduction to the militarization of EU borders, efforts to externalize the borders, the role of the arms industry and campaigns and actions working against these practices. Followed by Q&A and discussion.

The island has been in the spotlight as the place where Moria, the hell on earth burned down nearly two years ago. Camp Moria doesn’t exist anymore, but the situation did not get better. An activist who has been on Lesvos for the last months talks about the situation and the struggle on the island

  • WAH tent 11:30 – 13:00: Teenage mutant ninja turtles – Olya Korsun

[Visual Art/Performance] – The history of plant economy and the global displacement of plants makes me always wonder if a plant I see in front of me was always there and where did it come from originally. This sort of mental exercise instantly ruins the illusion of ‘pristine wilderness’ that the mind typically draws when visiting a forest. To let this ‘tired’ dualism of ‘wild’ vs ‘cultured’ go, I make simple collages in which I combine plants growing in ‘the wilderness’ with their city friends.

For No Borders Camp I would like to invite visitors to create their own ‘mutants’ using the plants found on the site together with some samples I will bring from the city. During the workshop I would also love to talk about the strategies that plants use to cross the borders and illegally invade all the corners of the world.

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: Esperanto –Ronaldo

Can we discuss migration and privilege without addressing language? In this workshop I will talk about history and answer all your questions about Esperanto and other world languages. Hopefully some misconceptions will be destroyed in the process :-). The workshop will be in dutch, english, german or onsedebrouille. There is no room for simultaneous interpretation.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: Antifascist research skill share – autonome antifa NL/DE

Know your enemy! We want to provide space for a skill share research in fascist movements and structures. Since in Germany and some other countries that work happens way more, and here in NL mainly Kafka and individual/small groups of antifascists do it, we can learn from each other. Of course antifascism is connected to the struggle against the border system, so we can’t escape the task of knowing those who want to make that system even more violent. So come share your own methods, success, risks, mistakes and learn about other contexts!


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Crowd Management & Guest Care on Board of the Sea Watch ships – Sea-Watch

After the repression of the Salvini regime (Italy) against the NGO ships in the central Med ended, the number of people the different Search & Rescue Ships rescue and take on board increased massively. Despite Covid 19 and all efforts of the so called Libyan Coastguard and the EU border security operations, situations where we have more then 400 people on board are quite likely and are a scenario we have to be prepared for.

In case of the ship Sea Watch 3 this means everybody has less then 0,7m² space to sleep. Our medical resources are overstretched, we just can provide one hot meal and information flow is a big challenge. We have people on board from various parts of the world, who need to live together and who manage to live together, even if the circumstances are difficult.

In the workshop we will have a look on the approach towards our guests, our crowd management principles and how we run them in practice. We also discuss the questions on: What is easier in comparison to land based projects, what is more difficult and how do we deal with conflicts in case it gets too tense.

In June 2021 Abolish Frontex was launched, an informal network of now over 130 organizations and groups across and beyond Europe, fighting to abolish Frontex and end the EU border regime. An introduction to Frontex and EU border and migration policies, to the campaign, its structure and its activities, by one of the groups working on it in The Netherlands. Followed by Q&A, exchange of information and experiences and discussion about strengthening the campaign.

  • Circustent 16:00 – 17:30: Border deaths, or how to build a Europe wide movement – Migreat

In 2023, the List of Deaths will celebrate its 30 year anniversary. Most likely, it will list the loss of more than 50.000 humans who died trying to reach Europe. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies to build a stronger movement to counter death on our border. How can we work together with different kinds of organizations and movements on a national, European, regional and global level? How do we keep people motivated in the long run? We will look at how to strengthen the movement for migration, concretely by looking at possible actions to commemorate border deaths and fight deadly migration policies in 2023.

  • WAH tent 11:30 – 13:00: Mad Pride meeting – Mad Pride

Mad Pride is an international movement of “crazies” and their allies, which opposes this negative attitude towards people, who are “different”. We pride ourselves on being who we are, and claim the right to be different, without being immediately considered second-class citizens.

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: Marriage against borders – Marriage against borders

This Workshop explores the possibilities and limitation of political marriages against the backdrop of restrictive migration policies in context of German legislation. A zine about this topic that was recently published will be presented and discussed in the course of this workshop.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: Building solidarity in Ter Apel – Zep and Tjaaktje

Everyone now knows the appalling conditions under which the refugees are staying in Ter Apel. The people in charge act as if this is something beyond their control, but the situation around the application center is a direct result of inhumane policies. Zep and Tjaaktje have recently been to Ter Apel to offer help. They come to nbc to talk about their experiences, the difficulties they encountered in organizing and what they have learned. But even more than telling a story, they want to learn from other perspectives and have an exchange about how to build solidarity in a situation as elusive as the crisis in Ter Apel. How can we build a longer term and stronger solidarity network? Not only in Ter Apel, but everywhere where refugees get in the mazes of the state grassroots solidarity independently of NGO’s is essential.


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Songs of change and belonging – Hessel

Music and Migration through the centuries – Music plays an important role in identity formation and belonging connected to social struggle, community and place attachment. In this talk we’ll journey through space and time to touch upon the importance of such songs by listening to interesting examples woven together in a historical tale. Starting in the Ancient world, we’ll travel through Middle Age migration, old and new (anti)colonialism, globalization, mass migration and socialist internationalism from the 19th to 21st century.

  • Circustent 14:00 – 15:30: Abortion rights are human rights – an overview on abortion access and legal structures – Abortion Network Amsterdam

On this talk Abortion Network Amsterdam will be presenting itself and its work and giving an overview on abortion access in different contexts, as well as mentioning the legal structures that get in the way of making abortions legal, safe, and accessible in different geographies.

  • Circustent 16:00 – 17:30: Resistance – on migration deterrence and civil disobedience – Migreat

Migration is a human right. Movement is indispensable to fight global and racial inequality. Yet, the movement of those who need it most is met with exclusion at best, brutal violence and murder at worst. This is not only unfair, it is criminal. Europe has installed a modern-day Apartheid regime. Moving beyond petitions and demonstrations, what opportunities do we have to resist the system of oppression? How can we organize civil disobedience? This workshop will not give all the answers, as we are still searching. We will give an introduction, but hope to learn from each other and brainstorm to come up with new ideas to fight for justice.

  • WAH tent 11:30 – 13:00: Imagine! No borders, and then? – Blind spots Activists in Bosnia and Abolish Frontex activists in Belgium

A lucky break happens suddenly, surprisingly. Everything is possible now, how it arises does not matter, it just happens. There are no borders. This workshops opens space and time for a “What, if…“ that can lead us to another vision. What actually happens after the fight against borders, who would be affected and in which way? What now ?

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: Fighting for freedom of Movement for all: Watch the Med Alarm phone – a telephone hotline for people in distress at sea – Watch the Med Alarmphone

Watch the Med Alarm phone is a transnational activists network running a telephone hotline for people crossing the Mediterranean Sea – 24/7 since 2014. We work on both sides of the Med, fighting for freedom of movement for all. The info event will give insight in our daily work and how we organize ourselves and will share impressions of the current situation on the different routes across the Med and our struggle against fortress Europe, with a focus on current developments in the central Med.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: A safer scene and better world: Unlearning toxic masculinity in the movement – Patriarkraakt collective

The world is dominated by men, harmful ‘masculine’ traits and damage done by patriarchal structures. To improve our environment, our society when it comes to migration issues as well as society as a whole and to improve our own health, men need to start taking initiative to educate and better themselves. This is also very much an issue within our movements. The Patriarkraakt collective focuses on men collectively unlearning taught toxic behavior and improve it with better praxis. In this workshop we invite people wanting to unlearn such behavior and improve themselves collectively in an effort to make our surroundings a better place.

No Border Netherlands

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Amsterdam: Mokum Kraakt starts fundraising for comrades arrested during Hotel Mokum eviction!

We are Mokum Krrraakt, a squatting collective regrouping Hotel Mokum, Kinderen van Mokum, and other squatters.

We are currently located at Nicole (Kinkerstraat 304). We house people and organize nonprofit, open and free cultural and political events to fight against the growing monoculture of the city. We squat as a protest against violently incompetent urban housing and planning policy, against gentrification, and against the unaffordability of the city.

On the 26th of November 2021, Hotel Mokum on Marnixstraat was evicted. During the eviction, several people were arrested for peacefully demonstrating, some of them violently. For their solidarity with Hotel Mokum and the squatting movement, they were violently arrested and threatened with fines and court cases.

We want to support these people by covering their juridical costs. But we can’t do this alone. The little income we generate goes to cleaning and rebuilding Nicole, where we organize free events. That’s why we’re organizing this fundraiser, and we need your help!

Protesters in the Netherlands often have to deal with police violence, but also fines and long, dreading legal procedures and sometimes court cases. This is also the case here. People must protest and continue to take part in direct action and squatting – more so now with the newer and stricter anti-squatting law. We should not be intimidated by state repression. It is crucial that we defend ourselves in court, and not let the police get away with violence against protesters or whoever else.

Our goal is to collect 5000 euros. This sum will cover the legal costs of our 9 comrades arrested at the Hotel Mokum eviction. Anything left over, or additional funds raised, will go toward the legal costs of our own and other squats.

It is an essential part of direct action to support those who are targets of police violence and repressive fines. By donating, you are directly supporting individuals who put themselves at risk and who fight for causes that support squatting.

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Mokum Kraakt
Nicole, Kinkerstraat 304, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam: Film afternoon about housing struggle in Oost

Film afternoon about housing struggle in Oost at Joe’s Garage from 16:00 till 18:00 on 20 july 2022.

On the basis of footage of residents’ actions by the Squatter Group East (Kraakgroep Oost) and the Tenants’ Association East (Huurdersvereniging Oost), we will discuss many years of resistance against this still ongoing attack on affordable housing.
The program also includes a new film about Frans Ondunk, chairman of the Tenants’ Association East, but also known as the Sheriff of East, who fired at landlords on a daily basis.
Throughout the history of Amsterdam East, the squatting movement and the local tenants’ association have propagated the same message with regularity. The property owners whose properties were squatted were often the same as those of the properties in which tenants were terrorized.
Speculators still use vacancy and dilapidation to chase tenants out of affordable housing and squeeze as much profit as possible out of our neighborhoods. Politicians have deliberately fueled the housing crisis. The gentrification policy, the yuppification, the mixing of neighborhoods was hostile to its own residents. The housing crisis is under the attention of politicians, but they are not willing to do what is necessary to solve it.
What is needed is organization from the bottom up, residents who speak out and organize together for their neighborhoods. The Tenants’ Association East and the Squatter Group East have always been that kind of organization. What does the future look like?

Joe’s Garage
Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Groningen: Kraaienest lives!

Groningen (Netherlands) – Kraaienest squat in Groningen lost the appeal and had to be out within three days. A quick end to a six-month period that was more than worth it. But we’ve only started.
Kraaienest at the Spilsluizen in Groningen has been evicted. On Tuesday morning, 5 July 2022, the verdict of the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court in the appeal proceedings was announced. We had to leave within three days with the threat of a fine of 10,000 euros for every day we stayed (plus 4500 euros in legal costs). The reason was that Stichting Valquest had sold the property to the real estate company LMJD B.V. before we came to live there, even though the real estate company had not yet explicitly announced its concrete plans. He wanted to start renovating immediately, so that “there would be no more actual vacancy”. When we won the preliminary relief proceedings in January, the court in preliminary relief proceedings found that there was no urgent interest to evict, and that our living interests temporarily outweighed ours. Now a ruling has been given against this decision. What interests are we talking about? The only interest for the real estate speculators like Joshua Camera and all those other capitalists who would have a vested interest in this is to make money that they already have enough. That is not an interest, that is profiting on the backs of others. Our interests are our lives and the struggle for justice. This capitalist logic of property has almost put us on the street. We already knew that the courts protect private property, so we are not surprised. It does not make us any less angry.

According to the law, the eviction of a squatted building should not lead to unjustified vacancy. But how justified is a building that is transformed into something that only a small group of people can afford? The rules of the game may sometimes fall in our favor, but they are fundamentally unjust. The fact that we are now homeless and have to couch surf with friends does not bring in any money. Property owners do not use houses, but own them according to the system.

The city does not need another grand café or luxury flats, but cheap housing and accessible social space. Real estate certainly makes big money, but that is because the price is paid by the lower classes who always have to pay for it. We create the wealth while getting only indirect forms of violence like eviction and precarious living conditions as a consolation prize. Capitalism is violence, we fight back. It is not surprising that property is protected, because when people have stolen something they want to keep it. Property is theft. Sky-high rents are very normal these days, but few people say out loud that it feels like being robbed every month. We squatters don’t want to be the only ones without rent, we don’t want anyone to have to spend so much money to a landlord.
Aren’t houses only for the rich also a kind of unjustified vacancy? Fuck this gentrification! Commercialisation of the city and housing continues while the poor are pushed further and further out of the centre. Squatting is just one example of resistance to this.

This half year of Kraaienest lives on. The rapid relocation was stressful, but our group did not get divided. This may be the end of a chapter, but it is also the beginning of new possibilities. We will not let repression destroy us. If this does not work to get us down, we can make cracks in the system where we can create breathing space. This verdict robs us of our home and a place to put our dreams into practice. But what was created and built here is within us. A group of friends and comrades and a network is not attached to a house. We have learned from the experiences and from each other. Too much has happened to mention. Meetings, information evenings, benefits, trainings, reading groups, concerts, every week a collective kitchen and social centre (with a library and a free shop), film evenings, spontaneous initiatives… Groningen Pride picnic, Free Ujang benefit, writing letters for anarchist prisoners, Ter Apel refugee solidarity, a pop-up tattoo shop, lots of talks and more coffee…

Away with this whole system with its courts, landlords, police, tax authorities, pollution, inhumanity and all forms of oppression, exploitation and repression!

A big black and red flag flew in Groningen, as a symbol for all this. A flag of resistance will always be raised again.


Het Kraaienest
Groningen, Netherlands
rosazolder [at] riseup [dot] net

Kraakspreekuur Groningen
info [at] ksug [dot] nl

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Court Verdict

source: Indymedia

Amsterdam: Ceintuurbaan 39 squatted

RAAK (Radikale Anti Anti Kraak) had made a call out on Radar for a demonstration against gentrification in the Pijp in Amsterdam on saturday 9 july 2022.

In the wake of eviction of Ferdinand Boldstraat 14, a new ground floor was squatted on Ceintuurbaan 39. This old vitamin store was empty for 8 years and is around the corner from the Ferdinand Bolstraat.
In this building the give away shop will move from the Ferdinand Bolstraat and we will organize events, also together with the neighborhood.
The new squatted building was made public during the anti-gentrification demonstration in the Pijp. The participants of the demo moved the give away shop and free soup was handed out.

Squatting goes on, all the yuppies out of the Pijp!

R.A.A.K. (Radikale Anti Anti Kraak)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
raak [at] riseup [dot] net

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Amsterdam: demonstration against gentrification

Call out by the Radikale Anti Anti Kraak (R.A.A.K.) for a demonstration against gentrification on saturday 9 July 2022, 16:00, at Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam.

Gentrification does not just happen. It is a direct result of state policies and the system we live in: large corporations see potential to make money off a neighbourhood, and the state creates space for them to do this. Social housing gets sold and becomes private housing, more expensive stores are opened, and soon the original residents realize that they cannot afford to live in their neighbourhood anymore. More and more people with low income, especially people of colour and migrants, are forced to move to the outskirts of the city, and wealthier people take their place. Public spaces are no longer public but only affordable for people with high income. Gentrification does not solve poverty, but creates it, while moving it out of sight from wealthier people and tourists.

On the 13th of June, we squatted an abandoned building owned by the municipality in the Pijp, one of the most gentrified neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Besides housing people, we are creating a much needed space that does not revolve around money. We are providing a place for people to relax, drink coffee and tea, or enjoy free food, as well as a free shop for people to bring and collect clothes, and a place to do laundry for those who cannot afford to wash it somewhere else. We are taking direct action against gentrification, rather than waiting for the municipality to solve the problems that their own policies helped to create.

Sadly enough, the municipality has decided to press charges and is attempting to evict us. Most likely, we will have to leave our beautiful place on the 14th of July.

We will not leave silently. We want to make a collective sound against gentrification, and for direct action through squatting. We will listen to some speeches, walk around de Pijp, and afterwards enjoy some soup and music.

Migrants are not to blame for the lack of affordable housing, the unjust system we are living in is. If you disagree with this, then you are not welcome and we ask you to stay home. If you agree, come show your support and let the gentrifiers hear the voice of the community. Homes for people, not for profit!

R.A.A.K. (Radikale Anti Anti Kraak)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
raak [at] riseup [dot] net

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