Languages and Translations

How to add more languages

If any language is missing, please contact us and we will add it.


How to translate your group or event

When you click on the "Translate" tab on your group or event, a list opens where you can choose the language into which you want to translate the content. You then get a form where you can replace the original text field by field with your translation.

Some fields are marked as "all languages" - these are the same for all languages (such as for example the date of an event). If you would change them in the translation, then they would be changed for all languages. (We are working on improving that.)

Note: In most cases members of the group can translate events, but some groups still have old permission settings. If you don't see a link to add a translation for an event or a group contact us so we can fix that.


How to translate the website

Any user who wants to translate the site, can become a translator. You then see an additional link at the top of the page, that gives you access to the translation table.
This should contain all the words and phrases that need translating.

Sometimes there is something like "%1" in a phrase - this is a token where another word (for example a group name) is inserted automatically, so please add them in your translation as well.