Sensitivity Sound Program #3

Jeudi, 28 Mars

Sensitivity Sound Program #3

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Tickets…we’ve barely had time to let our synapses re-adjust from last time before putting ourselves under again – this time round we’re joined by a few unsung stalwarts of the UK underground and things are about to get weird…
brb>voicecoil AKA Big Road Breaker AKA Grozny Penthouse AKA voicecoil>brb has being going at it in one form or another for over 30 years now, denting eardrums in various guises and pushing out tapes / CDs in the fringes of the UK underground, their sludgey foley-esque electronics has been melting brains into syrupy glue since the early 90’s.
Flanked by haunted atmospheric noise artist Depletion whose creaking and lurching loops tap so neatly into our filthy slab of earth’s rich history of horror and magick you’d expect it to be accompanied by faded VHS images of Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee – sheer abandonment from all comfort and sense of homeliness
Also joining proceedings will be UK duo Megzbow & Vinegar Tom who are partly responsible for the undisputedly best label in the UK right now – Brachliegen Tapes – who released their spectacular ‘Welsh Noise Vol. II’ sometime last year. We could launch into another half-cooked genre description but will just leave it by saying that they sent us a promo shot of their last gig and one of them has their head in a bucket connected to some contact mics…what else do you need to know?
As always music will be beamed via the CGC Soundsystem to ensure it be felt in the fibres of the soul. We’ll be projecting stratospheric and confounding visuals once again for maximum disorientation
“without dreams we would be cows in a field” – Werner Herzog

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Jeudi, 28 Mars, 2024 - 18:00 - 21:30


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