Gathering and discussion against NATO and militarism

Samedi, 2 Mars

Gathering and discussion against NATO and militarism

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If there's a place in the world that's not in flames yet, that seems to be short-lived. The tensions and pressures due to state and capital are reach a boiling point. The increase in inequality, the growing class difference, Fortress Europe and the many borders and deportation centres worldwide, ecological destruction that is constantly increasing; everything screams for revolt and rebellion. In this context, the ruling class are trying to stop this bubbling anger from overflowing in revolution and to divert it towards nationalism, religious fanaticism, racism and patriarchal war.

In our own environment, organisations and companies that strengthen the current power relations through armed conflict - and profit financially from it - are establishing themselves. NATO has found new momentum and is pushing for further militarisation. In Amsterdam, the new NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) will set up its headquarters. In 2025 the NATO summit will take place in the Netherlands for the first time and its policy calls for the strengthening and expansion of the army, possible reactivation of military service and increased investment in the arms industry.

Everywhere in the world people oppose the organized massacres of the rulers. As anarchists, we always agitate for the rebellion that creates the opportunity for a completely different world. Let us talk about how we can resist war, borders and militarism, which keep this other world from us.

Let's sabotage the war of the bosses, politicians and industrialists - let's turn their war against them!

Neither Russian imperialism, nor NATO. For anarchy!

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Samedi, 2 Mars, 2024 - 14:00


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De Verdieping (bij Kaboem)
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De verdieping is a modest contribution to giving space, strength and surge to anarchist perspectives and proposals.


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