[Brown Note Booking] Brown Note Ball '24 - Baron Crâne (FR) ~ Mt. Echo (NL) ~ Gas Giant (NL) ~ Uncle Leaf (LU)

Samedi, 13 Avril - Dimanche, 14 Avril

[Brown Note Booking] Brown Note Ball '24 - Baron Crâne (FR) ~ Mt. Echo (NL) ~ Gas Giant (NL) ~ Uncle Leaf (LU)

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Poster komt nog :)
Daar is ons jaarlijkse mini festival weer... Brown Note Ball!
We hebben weer een stel goeie bands geprogrammeerd voor jullie!
Na ons eerder al eens uit de sokken hebben geblazen is het Franse Baron Crane weer terug!
Mt. Echo onze oude bekenden komen ons deze avond met veel nieuw werk verblijden
(is er een nieuwe plaat?) Gas Giant, bekend van Plufest is van de partij en de avond wordt
geopend door Uncle Leaf uit Luxemburg!
Baron Crâne (FR)    bandcamp | website
Baron Crâne is a band gathered around one common desire : that of sound exploration and singularity.
Mt. Echo is the obvious answer to the question: are there still good post-rock bands in the Netherlands
Dirty stonerrock with a thick sound: Gas Giant delivers, and does that with proper volume.
Uncle Leaf is an Instrumental Psychedelic Post-Rock Trio from Luxembourg

Mt. Echo (NL)    bandcamp | website
"For every dark riff there is a sparkling melody". This description hits the nail on the head. The instrumental
rock of Mt. Echo is loud, dark and yet also a bit sweet. The music carries you along in thoughts without you
even noticing it. The three band members of Mt. Echo complement each other with dissonant melodies,
rhythm changes and ominous soundscapes. After Cirrus - their debut album from 2019 - the band has taken
the time to work on the successor. In the summer of 2021 the album, Electric Empire, was recorded in an
empty concert venue. The album will be released January 28th 2022. Electric Empire is a clear continuation
in the band's development, in which the musicians do not hesitate to disrupt beautiful melodies with
deafening noise rock. 

Gas Giant (NL)    bandcamp
Dirty stonerrock with a thick sound: Gas Giant delivers, and does that with proper volume. The Amsterdam
based band combines 70’s inspired guitar playing with thick and dark riffs from the 90’s, critical lyrics and a
taste of doom. Think of: Black Sabbath, Radio Moscow & Kyuss. 

Uncle Leaf (LU)    bandcamp | facebook
Uncle Leaf are a well-melted instrumental trio, founded in 2019. The band’s music is characterized by dreamy,
psychedelic soundscapes that include stoner rock elements. The variety of musical influences creates a unique
symbiosis that can be heard in Miko’s, Filipe’s and Michele’s writing. In 2022, the band released their first EP
« Germinate », which features six tracks. They work on new releases and continue to captivate audiences with
their rousing live performance.

Tickets available only at the door! (cash only)
Admission: €10.00 or more (proceeds go directly to the bands) .
Doors open: 20:00u     first band plays: 20.30u

Please bring cash. It also comes in handy for merchandise.
Not every band performing at "De Onderbroek" accepts card payments.
(We are unsure if they do or not, so for safety, bring some cash with you).
ATMs ('Geldmaat') in the area.
Within walking distance, you can locate them using your `Google Maps`, `Open Map`, or `Apple Maps` app, for example:
@ Albert Heijn, van Schevichavenstraat 3     ~2min  (Closed after 22:00u)
@ Molenpoort (molenstraat)     ~5min
@ Burchtstraat     ~5min
@ Keizer karel plein     ~7min

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Samedi, 13 Avril, 2024 - 22:00 - Dimanche, 14 Avril, 2024 - 03:30


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