Efa Supertramp at Walthamstow Folk Club

Dimanche, 3 Mars

Efa Supertramp at Walthamstow Folk Club

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Come along to the wonderful Ye Older Rose & Crown Theatre Pub on Sunday 3rd March for an evening of folk & punk songs by singer-songwriter Efa Supertramp - originally from Wales, but now a Walthamstow local! Efa Supertramp is a Welsh folk-punk grrrl who comes armed with an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. Efa’s songs are angry but uplifting; railing against money, power and greed whilst having a zest for life and freedom. Her anger at an unjust world is combined with constructive solutions and hope for a better future. Efa deftly combines elements of her influences to pay tribute to those who fought for equality in previous generations – showing that protest music is far from dead. www.efasupertramp.co.uk

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Dimanche, 3 Mars, 2024 - 19:30


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- Admission is £10 or £8 unwaged.

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