Radar mods and devs articles with help and updates.

mar, 03 mai 2022

We are afraid recently posting to the site has been slowing down. This is due to load on the server. It is being investigated, and will be fixed as soon as possible. Maybe we just need a bigger server :-)

ven, 17 sep 2021

À la fin de cette année, nous allons faire une mise à jour de Radar. Cela fait plus de vingt ans que Radar a été lancé et six ans qu'il n'y a pas eu de mise à jour majeure.

Aucun changement majeur n'est prévu pour cette mise à jour, mais de nombreuses améliorations de l'ergonomie sont prévues. À moins que quelqu'un.e ne se porte volontaire pour faire du design, le site continuera à ressembler à ce qu'il était lors de son lancement en 2001. Il sera naturellement compatible avec les téléphones portables.

mer, 22 avr 2020

Les groupes qui s'organisent principalement en ligne sont nouveaux sur Radar. Ce mode d'organisation pose de nouveaux défis à de nombreux-ses militant-es, mais aussi aux modératrices et modérateurs de groupes sur Radar.

mar, 07 avr 2020

It's always been possible to have events in more than one group. But the field on the event form was always a mess, and confusing. Finally we've had an idea and some time to make it simpler.

On the form when you create an event, or edit it, all it says (under the location of the event) is the groups it is, or will be in.
On the page of an event that you can edit you will now see a link to add (and remove) groups as available.

If you click the link you will get a form offering you groups you can add to. Yours, and others that you can post to.

ven, 20 mar 2020

In these times when everyone is being forced to change how they organise two existing features of are worth mentioning:

You can cancel events

This makes it clear to visitors that the event was announced, but no longer goes ahead (at that time anyway). On the site this visually strikesthrough the event. If you use the javascript to show the events on your site it will do the same. Others using the API to get events can also use this information.

lun, 27 aoû 2018

Do you want a list of the upcoming events from Radar for your group on your website?

There are several ways of doing this, but we've just added one more, really easy option: a Javascript widget.

The script

Here is an example. Just add a bit of code like this somewhere on your website. The only condition is that you are allowed to place javascript there.