Import event from your websites into Radar

How-to import event from your websites into Radar

You can import events from your website into your group on Radar. For the technical details, see the API page.

It is also possible to import events from an ical feed by adding it on the "Ical importers" tab.

Often these feeds miss relevant information about locations, timezones, or type of event.
Therefore the system is set up to automatically add location and timezone from the group to the imported events.

However, it's not possible to add the right category (such as food or film) to the individual events, and therefore the event might not show up when people use the tick boxes on the front page to filter the events.

Known plugins for wordpress that have working ical feeds to import: Events Manager, ICS Calendar, The Events Calendar.
Let us know if you get another to work and how and we add it to the list.