Making groups and adding members

How to make a group

Every logged-in user can create a group at by filling in the form.

Don't forget to set the language correctly to allow for translation. If the right language is missing, then contact us and we will add it.

You can add a physical location on the form by adding a new one or by re-using an existing one.

You can also set who should be able to post or propose events for this group. These permissions can be set in more detail once your group has been created.

You can add one or several email addresses for automated notifications, for example if an event has been proposed and awaits approval.

When you submit a new group, it is not immediately visible because it needs to be approved by an administrator first. If you've given an email address then you receive an automated notification once it has been published.

You can already add events to the new group. These get published automatically when the group is published.


How to add Group members

The user who posted a group is automatically a group member and (as its author) its owner.

They can add other users on the "Administer group" tab of that group, and give them additional roles in the group.
The specific settings for that can be changed per group, but in the default setting is mainly that "administrator members" can approve of pending events, delete events and can add new users.

If you are the 'owner' of a group, but you want to leave it, then you need to edit the group page and replace your name with another author name at the bottom of the page.
This makes the other user the new owner and you can remove yourself from the list of group members.