Graz Anarchist Bookfair

Graz Anarchist Bookfair

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Between the lines that we read in books, we sometimes find words from the people who had them in their hands before. Little secrets that inspire us to thought and action and with which we go out into the world without anyone knowing where they came from. In a world that constantly threatens us with repression, we search between the lines of books and find each other.

Together we want to overcome the apocalypse of the lack of perspective: People who stare at screens and reduce themselves to a digital shadow. People who willingly control others. People who, in the eternal urge to do something, submit to a state chain of command. This applies not only to "the others", but especially to people who are close to us. People with whom we share potential affinities.

Sometimes we are left with only dreamy excuses to keep us afloat. It may be the love of books that brings us together. But let us go beyond the printed word. We need to create a social situation that begins with controversy, but ultimately leads to subversion.


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