Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

Larunbata, 20 Maiatza

Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

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Organised by Irish Anarchist Network and Dearg is Dubh https://www.deargisdubh.net/
Updates on booksellers, campaign groups, speakers, panels, talks and merch will be announced soon!

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Larunbata, 20 Maiatza, 2023 - 09:00

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  • international callout


  • book shop/info shop/library
  • ikastaro/lantegia
  • eztabaida/aurkezpena
  • filma
The Teachers Club
36 Parnell Square West

Organised by Irish Anarchist Network and Dearg is Dubh.


  • book shop/info shop/library / eztabaida/aurkezpena

In Spring 2021 a number of us involved in anarchist politics here over the years got together (online) to talk about the current state of libertarian socialist ideas. In part we were interested in a wider discussion with like-minded people.


  • eztabaida/aurkezpena / bilera