Newcastle 'Ewan Brown' Anarchist Bookfare

Cancelled: Larunbata, 9 Maiatza

Newcastle 'Ewan Brown' Anarchist Bookfare

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Apologies for delay...
Sorry to announce that, predictably, due to health risks from Covid-19 the Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair is postponed and won't be going ahead on May 9th. Given the risks no-one wants the event to contribute to anyone becoming unwell. This seems to be a pattern of cooperative groups and communities responding better by shutting events down and taking the decisions away from the government.

We hope to hold the bookfair in the Autumn but of course can give no clear date. We are planning a small programme of online discussion groups/ events around the time of the bookfair. Watch this space for details.

The NHS has seen privatisation and austerity cuts decrease it's ability for an effective response here. Huge sums have been paid to private hospitals and business property owners who might be affected, its clear there is money and support available for certain people. Airlines getting millions in bail-outs while they continue to dodge paying taxes. The usual needs are again being privileged.

So at this time, we can also focus our energy on supporting people most affected by this. Here are some links, but if you have any questions or concerns you can contact us. We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to meeting you on the other side. We will be more ready and raging than ever.

Campaigning on Covid measures for people with disabiliites…/act-now/

Mutual Aid in the community links and resources:

Queercare provides assistance for immunocompromised, astmatic or otherwise at additional risk from COVID-19 []…/…

Low paid workers suddenly without an income - demands…/financial-support-duri…/

Rent freeze for Corona/ Rent strikes

[fire up your tor browser and go to FedBook further deats]


Confirmed Stalls:
-Sisters Uncut
-Anarchist Federation
-Tyneside Anarchist Archive
-North East Anarchist Group
-Northumbria IWW
-Earth First!
-PM Press
-AK Press
-Active Distribution
-North East Hunt Monitors
-Sign it hear
-Dog Section Press
-Kate Sharpley Library

Confirmed Workshops:
-Supporting workers in struggle
-Chav Solidarity by D. Hunter
-Greif Spaces
-Stencil Art
-Newcastle Fight Center Workshop

Confirmed Music:
- The Whippet Beans


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Larunbata, 9 Maiatza, 2020 (Egun osoa testuinguruan: datetime)


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Star and Shadow Cinema
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nearest Metro stations are Manors and Jesmond

Star & Shadow Cinema is more than a cinema. It is an alternative social, cultural, arts and community hub run by a collective of volunteers.


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