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Amsterdam: new place squatted on Tweede Kostverlorenkade

Today on Monday the 29th of May, we announce that we have squatted this apartment on Tweede Kostverlorenkade in Amsterdam. We are a group of people from different ages and places, who resort to squatting because we have no other option.

This place is owned by the social housing company Rochdale, that has been leaving it empty since August. Our action is both a political action and a way to find housing. We squat because it is getting almost impossible to get access to affordable housing in Amsterdam. Today, there are 53 000 less social housing apartments than in 2003. That is why our action is also a political statement. We think it is scandalous that apartments stay empty while people have to sleep in the street and we are against the reduction of social housing opportunities.

We are not squatting this place to hinder its use as social housing. We believe everyone should have unconditional access to free housing but we do support social housing as a better alternative to the corrupt, ultra profiteering private property market. We squat this place because we are outraged that social housing is left empty in a time where so many people struggle to find affordable housing in Amsterdam. As long as Rochdale does not prove that they will immediately begin renting this apartment as social housing we will make use of it as housing ourselves.

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Delft: Under a Bridge, Rotterdamseweg 364 squatted

So then…
Under a Bridge

The building under the bridge, here at the Rotterdamseweg, has been vacant since 2017. During this period we have never seen any activity happening in the enormous warehouse. Unlike the typical trolls that usually settle under bridges, we are a set of neat students and former students looking for a place to make for ourselves. Over the past few years we have developed the idea of reopening this place to Delft and giving it a purpose again.

The hall under the bridge is not privately owned, but by the province of Zuid-Holland (and therefore a bit by us all). It is meant to be left vacant and finally for demolition. We are open to conversations and will accommodate proper plans for the future. Until that time we’ll take this opportunity to create a lively place for ourselves to reside and for anyone who wishes to join.

Already over a longer period, the situation about housing has been a hot topic. Instead of focussing on an “anti”-tone, the opposing, we want to propagate a narrative that is based around sound that is “in favour of”. Under the slogan “Niet lullen maar poetsen!” [meaning something like: “Don’t blab on, just mop!”], we aim to contribute and assist in finding a solution to the problems as explained below. In a cheerful and constructive manner, we organize this new space in Delft where there is room to live, experiment, meet up and organize. We offer Delft the opportunity to expand her repertoire with the 1500m² under the bridge. In the manner of e.g. cooking or dwelling, lectures or music. Initiative and enthusiasm are welcome Under the Bridge, to appropriate the space and make it a place for us all!

It goes without saying that we are aware of the responsibility that comes with the appropriation of this space Under the Bridge. We’ll do this with care for the building and the utmost caution concerning safety. Next to this, we’ll make space when maintenance to the bridge is needed.

As for today, most people will be well informed about the defective state of the housing market. A decade-long run-up was needed to arrive at the current overheated market [in political-, social- and economic framework]. Just recently the headlines informed us that the single starter can afford only 3.4 percent of the houses on the Dutch market. Also within the rental segment of the market, the demand rises without an adequate response of the supply, resulting in excessive increases in rent. Making dwelling unaffordable for some, as we have seen homelessness in the Netherlands double over the years 2009-2020. As it becomes more and more expensive to have a roof over your head it also becomes increasingly difficult to find a fitting one.

The same goes for Delft, where the average price for a house was 395,498 euros in 2021, a staggering increase of 16.3 per cent compared to the year prior. Yet, for the first time in 9 years, we saw the prices drop at the beginning of 2023. Partly due to policy changes [structural], partly coming forth out of geopolitical developments, specifically the inflation and confidence that this resulted in [incidental].

These structural interventions are especially of interest for facilitating a more open housing market in the long term, a market where qualitative dwellings are not unaffordable and are within anyone’s reach. One of the areas where a part of the solution might lie is in the current vacancies in the Netherlands. The Centraal Bureau voor de Statestiek reported a slow decline in the number of vacant buildings in the year 2021, yet on the first of January 2022 it still counted 2.6 percent of the total objects of residence in the Netherlands. Converted, that is a generous 219,000 objects, not only consisting of houses but also office buildings and shops, making it possible to house an even larger number of residents. Of course, vacancy is possible, though it is the case that 40 percent of these buildings have been vacant the year before as well. This long-term vacancy is of course a shame that should not be accepted when there is a nationwide shortage of proper housing.

It is not a rare story within our circles that international students get financially drained from their living situation. While we see badly maintained student housing more often, international students often pay significantly more for less security in their living situation. The TU Delft is very committed to attracting more and more international students while they offer none to little help with facilitating affordable- and desirable housing. Next to this a fair share of the student houses [in Delft] already inform in advance that only “Dutch-speaking” or “Dutch” have a chance to get the room. For this reason, it is worthwhile [and of course fun] to create a healthy mix within our own communal residence.

We are still looking for fun initiatives and enthusiastic people to come and help make our place even better, to utilize it to its full potential which has not yet happened. People who want to set out on this adventure, experiment, participate, build or just want to swing by for a coffee are more than welcome to. We’ll take this opportunity to invite you all!

With kind regards from Under a Bridge
Don’t hesitate to contact us on Ondereenbrug [at] gmail [dot] com or swing by at the Rotterdamseweg 364.

Delft, 25 May 2023

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Amstelveen: Krakenburg, big squatted terrain next to the Uilenstede campus

Statement by the Krakenburg collective, squatting the terrain at Laan van Kronenburg 12, next to the Uilenstede campus. The action was revealed on 19 May. The terrain is owned by Mytylstichting Amstelrade and not by the municipality as originally stated by the squatters:

The piece of land has been empty for almost 10 year, and belongs to the municipality who hasn’t been able to use it due to the noise from mass polluter Schiphol. This is unacceptable in times of housing crisis and so we are taking matters into our own hands. We want to make a beautiful place with a shared garden, where everyone can get involved to transform it into an anti-capitalist space that everyone can enjoy.

Who are we?
We are a young group of people looking for a place to live, realising we are in a neoliberal country with more empty places than homeless people. We are done with the Dutch policies that put capital above basic human rights. We are antiracist, queerfeminist, antispeciest, anticolonial, antifascist, and firm believers of a better world for all

What do we want?
We are creating a space open to all. We want this field (that was empty for almost 10 years!) to be used in a selforganising way, for people and by people. A place of resistance with a community garden, art, skillsharing and more! We want to defend the nature, and to show that living and green alternative spaces go hand in hand.

Come and support us! There’s houses to build, a garden to be taken care of, delicious food to be cooked, and of course lots of space for new ideas. Especially the weekend of 19-23rd of May we could use some extra hands. There will be an action kitchen and (safer) awareness space available.

Want to live with us or have questions? Mail us.

Laan van Kronenburg 12
1183AS Amstelveen, Netherlands
krakenburg [at] disroot [dot] org

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Amsterdam: AFGA Squats Kanaalstraat 128

Statement from AFGA after squatting Kanaalstraat 128, owned by the family Uit den Boogaard.

On the 14th of May, we revealed Villa Mina to the world. This beautiful house has been vacant since at least 2017. The Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam (AFGA) has been an active part of the squatting scene here for a few years.
The time has now come to find a house specifically for WLINTA* (Women, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans, Agender) people and to find our space. We desire a house free of sexism, machoism, transphobia, etc while more WLINTA* people are finding themselves without homes or unable to pay their rent around us. This building is thus a home for WLINTA* people only, and the new political space for AFGA.
The lack of affordable housing and the rising cost of living has made it increasingly difficult for working-class people to survive. Many of us live from paycheck to paycheck. Years of austerity policies and cuts in public services like social housing have created this “crisis”. This was a political choice, which has had fatal consequences.
The housing “crisis” has particularly affected WLINTA* people, undocumented people and people of colour. While people are continuously displaced all over Amsterdam, non-white neighbourhoods are especially affected, as gentrification comes paired with state/ police violence that disproportionally affects Black people and POC. WLINTA* are put in the most dangerous positions, as it is impossible for us to live in the streets without being assaulted. We are much more likely to experience (sexual) violence when sleeping rough or precarious and the lack of accessible housing means WLINTA* escaping abusive partners or parents can often not (financially) afford to leave. Choosing between homelessness or staying in an abusive situation is not a choice anyone should have to make. For various reasons, WLINTA* stay in dangerous situations to keep a roof over our heads. This ends up in chilling statistics: On average, a woman or girl is murdered in the Netherlands every 8 days, most of the time by an (ex)partner. There are no statistics about genderqueer people, but we know that our trans and nonbinary comrades are exposed to violence on an even greater level.

Sexism, transphobia and racism on the housing market make it even harder for working-class people of colour and WLINTA* to find housing. We have realized the intense pressure upon our WLINTA* sisters and comrades to find a roof over their heads or pay their rent. Nonetheless, they are not a priority in housing actions or benefits. This is why we will use this squat to house WLINTA* and especially create space for WLINTA* comrades of colour. This building will draw inspiration from the 80s squatted ‘vrouwenhuisen’, sisterly international WLINTA* only squats, and of course our own feminist, anarchist, and antifascist values.

When we squat, we fight for our lives, the lives of our sisters,
the lives of our WLINTA* comrades.
We will not let ourselves be the collateral damage of this crisis.
We take care of us.
We stand in solidarity with our WLINTA* comrades everywhere, fighting capitalism and the patriarchy.
Until all of us are free.

Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam (AFGA)
anarchafemsterdam [at] riseup [dot] net

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Amsterdam: Store squatted on Kalverstraat on kingsday. Takland founded

Yesterday on the birthday of the king, there was a suspicious puppetshow in Taksteeg, a side street from the busy shopping street of Kalverstraat. In this puppet show, the mayor, the king and a member of parliament were talking about how to make the city more wealthy. Their conclusion, in six months, all of the people in the city should be evicted and all of their homes should be converted to hotels. They were so happy with this plan that they started partying to an André Hazes junior techno remix. At this party, the MP sneaked out and went to the people, the MP told the people about their plans, and pleaded for a revolution and the beheading of the king. After a lot of screaming and rioting of the people, the guillotine was brought out, where the king met his faith, and the people reclaimed their city.
After this revolution, another city was also being reclaimed. Right above the puppet show, a banner which read “geen woning geen koning” (no home no king) was dropped. An old store had been squatted, right in the rich tourist and yuppy center of Amsterdam. The building has been empty for more than three years. The cops came, asked a neighbour how long it had been empty and told the squatters that they were not going to speed evict, and the regular procedure will happen.

Right after the banner drop, a speech was held, this is the English version of the speech.

From today onwards we will not celebrate kingsday anymore, but housingday. The king and his nephew are getting rich at the expense of our housing, prince Bernhard even owns more than 300 places and the monarchy has a surplus of villas, palaces and estates, which they all leave empty. In our opinion this makes them just as condemnable as every other speculator and slumlord. The monarchy is nothing more than a puppet show. We don’t see any reason to have a day in their celebration. Our right to housing is being threatened by these kind of institutions, the Netherlands is not capable anymore than to guarantee our basis human rights.

Thats why were founding Takland, at the former Taksteeg, where we will ask for asylum. In Takland the rules of the Dutch state don’t apply anymore. Squatting is not only legal here, but also encouraged. In Takland houses are for living, not for making a profit. Takland doesn’t know any hierarchies, everyone is a mayor, and only the pigeons are kings. In Takland we don’t need a vrijmarkt (free market), because everything is free. At the founding of our new country, we will only steal the best Dutch traditions, the rest we will leave behind us triumphantly. We will celebrate the tradition of young children giving their unused toys to the next generation. We hope the slumlords of today will learn a lesson from this. To give them a push in the right direction, we squatted these empty buildings. We hope that the owners can pass their playthings on, so we can have a house again. But Takland is not limited to these places. Every empty building is a potential new street of Takland. Everyone can ask asylum by squatting a house. The takkers are stronger than the state. Takland 4 ever! Kraken gaat door!

Long live Takland.

Takland Vrijstraat
Taksteeg 8, Amsterdam

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Brussels: eviction of a squat of 7 undocumented people by the municipality of Ixelles without alternative housing

This Thursday, April 6 at 9am, the municipality of Ixelles evicted a squat of 7 undocumented people, applying an inhabitability order dating from October 2022, without any rehousing solution at the end. The squat located at 20 rue Élise had opened at the end of September 2022, in a building empty since 2017.

They are all ex-hunger strikers of the ULB (2021). This group of people had then lived (with other people) in a building in the See U thanks to a temporary occupancy agreement. But they were expelled at the end of September. So they sought refuge in this empty house. The irony is that they regularly work in the construction sector and have not yet won their fight to obtain papers:

A., evicted resident: “I work hard to survive: I renovate houses for a pittance! However, I cannot find decent housing myself and I am forced to squat so as not to sleep outside or be abused by malicious landlords.”

The inhabitability order had been produced hastily directly after a first visit of the housing, something surprising because usually, the municipality gives the inhabitants time to do work before issuing this type of decision. Following the support organized around the inhabitants, the eviction was postponed to carry out some work to secure the electrical installation.

Meanwhile, negotiations have begun with the building manager, whose owner had died in 2017. But they failed because of the too short time (between 2 and 4 months) proposed for a temporary occupancy agreement. The manager, who wanted to sell the building empty of its occupants without bothering with the costs of an eviction procedure, then pressured the municipality to apply its inhabitability order.

The electricity was certainly not up to standard (as in all occupations and squats in Brussels), but the work that had been done had brought an acceptable level of safety. The main problem was that the inhabitability order had already been produced… and that if the slightest incident occurred, the criminal responsibility of the mayor was at stake.

A relocation proposal had been made in mid-December by the municipality, but it was not adapted to the size of the group: a housing of 80m² (for 8 people at the time). Today, no suitable alternative housing solution has been formulated. However, the mayor has an obligation of means to rehouse people when he applies an inhabitability order.

About fifteen people were present to support the inhabitants and denounce this eviction, which is clearly the result of a dysfunction within the municipality of Ixelles. A banner, slogans to challenge the neighbors… And some confetti and ironic applause for the impressive device deployed for the occasion: dozens of police officers equipped to intervene, accompanied by the prevention service and workers of the commune, responsible for condemning the door. The inhabitants stayed a few minutes on the sidewalk before leaving loaded with their few bags.

Ana, member of the Anti-Eviction Front: “An eviction without relocation is always a failure! There are evictions every day, our society organizes them very carefully, but they take place in silence. To denounce them is to contribute to making them unacceptable. We hope that one day our society will reject this practice of humiliating and inhumane evictions.” The collective also sounds the alarm on the housing crisis in Brussels and says that the city risks experiencing a growing rate of evictions: “Rent amounts are reaching record highs, more and more people can no longer make ends meet. If there are more and more unpaid rents, it is because they are not affordable!”

Anti-Eviction Front (Front anti-expulsions)
Brussels, Belgium
info [at] stopexpulsions [dot] be

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Amsterdam: squatters of Russian billionaire’s estate face intimidation in lead-up to higher appeal

Activists who took over the multi-million property (Vossiusstraat 16) owned by Russian sanctioned billionaire Arkady Volozh last October, are facing another court case this coming Wednesday.

Volozh, the founder of Russian search engine Yandex, lost an earlier court case against the squatters in November. At that time the judge ruled the squatters would not have to vacate the property because it is frozen as a result of the sanctions and would thus remain unused, since Volozh is barred from entering Europe after being placed on the EU sanctions list for promoting the war with Ukraine through his search engine. The legal situation remains unchanged since November, as Volozh is still on the EU sanctions list. He nonetheless will try his luck again in a higher appeal set to take place this Wednesday.

The squatters attest that the opposing party has submitted last-minute evidence in an attempt to discredit the new residents. The evidence includes videos and pictures taken from inside the squatted building and screenshots from an internal group chat. According to the squatters these videos were taken without their knowledge and consent over a period of two months by a man who claimed to be a refugee from Ukraine in need of a place to stay.

The squatters state: “This person came to us in need, asking for a place to stay. He introduced himself as a Ukrainian refugee who had just escaped from war. We opened our space to him and welcomed him with open arms. It has now come to our attention that he was spying on us and has been passing on information to the lawyers of Volozh in an attempt to discredit and ultimately evict us. We have no idea whether this person was hired from the start or if he was approached later and coerced, bribed or intimidated into giving up information. It goes without saying that we are absolutely disgusted by the exploitation of those who are affected by the war, regardless of how this situation came to be. We are not surprised by Volozh’s lawyers dirty tricks, but it is still shocking that the law firm Wolfs Advocaten would engage in this kind of scheming.”

The squatters express that they do not think the last-minute submissions will change their position and that they are unsure what Wolfs advocaten is trying to achieve with these videos. The legal situation of Volozh remains unchanged as he continues to be on the sanctions list and no court procedure has been filed at the European Court of Law to remove him from it.

The residents of Vossisusstraat 16 and their supporters are organising a demonstration this Sunday at 15:00 on the Leidseplein. They encourage supporters to show up to the demonstration and write letters in support to be used as evidence in the court, which can be sent to: vossiustraat16 [at] riseup [dot] net

Vossiusstraat 16
1071AB Amsterdam
vossiusstraat16 [at] riseup [dot] net

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Ghent: The verdict gives Pandemisten 8 days to leave as soon as the City sends the bailiff

An expected deadline. Because property rights are greater than the right of residence. Makes sense, right? That is certainly the logic of the rich. For those who do not have a home, this makes less sense. “But that’s their problem.” Among the Pandemisten there are effectively a number of people who will no longer have a home, but fortunately can go somewhere temporarily. This is less obvious to those who are undocumented. “But that’s their problem.”

We might have been able to get a longer term from the judge if we had put more effort into PROVING our positive impact on the neighborhood. But frankly, we much prefer to focus on BEING a positive influence on the neighborhood. By organizing countless events and giving people a taste of the freedom of such a place.

The battle in court is one that is walled by laws. A system created by those in power so that little to nothing changes. Because many of those laws are there to protect capitalism and its exploitation and not the people, animals, planet. We prefer not to participate in that system. We believe in direct action and continue to squat. Because it’s necessary.

And what happens to the Vredeshuis? That is sold to the highest bidder. Indeed, privatized. A sad thing for the inhabitants of Ghent. And certainly for the organizations that were in the Vredeshuis and still do not have a large space available. And so there are many other privatizations in Gent. We can only hope that the City will one day realize that their privatization policy is harmful in many ways. For the inhabitants but in the long term also for the City itself. Because she is now hastily looking for more money and therefore sells public buildings here and there. While the money will soon be gone again and they will only have less patrimony left.

And if that City, as it claims, is effectively open to our action. Then it could also wait until there is a new owner. Because we know that the City of Ghent is looking for a temporary use for the building. Why can’t we be? Are we too critical for their liking? Are we revealing too many truths? If we could stay here for a while, it would at least be interesting for the neighborhood and everyone who needs a place to feel free. And, of course, to take further action.

We also wish the Greens and the other Liberals every success in the elections. Politics is failing. And new anarchists are born.

The Pandemisten
March 20, 2023

‘t Vredeshuis
Sint-Margrietstraat 9
9000 Ghent, Belgium
pandemisten [at] riseup [dot] net

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Amsterdam: update from Binnenkadijk 478

We, the new residents of the apartment at Binnenkadijk 478, were approached by Alliantie on Monday 27 March and invited for a talk. By squatting this apartment, we are supporting a pre-existing struggle and protest around Alliantie’s plan to sell 140 social rental homes in the Entrepotdok complex (a unique project designed to jointly house social housing, housing groups and middle-class tenants), and to provide ourselves with housing in a city that has become increasingly unlivable for people with lower incomes.
Given the supposed mission/vision of Alliantie as a housing corporation to provide residents of Amsterdam with affordable housing, we hoped for a friendly conversation aimed at finding a solution that is beneficial for all parties involved. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. The flat had been vacant for seven months for no apparent reason (the previous occupants were evicted for bureaucratic/legal formalities) and no plans for the future were made public or even communicated to the residents. Coincidentally, shortly after the occupation, Alliantie informed the residents of the complex for the first time about various possible future scenarios for the apartment. This is not the first time such a coincidence has occurred. Despite the fact that Alliantie’s plans for the housing are in the early stages and are only ideas at the moment, they plan to evict us as soon as possible and thereby make us homeless. A curious approach for a housing corporation, which contradicts their own core values and, moreover, with usual legal standards that are applied to squatting cases. The right to housing is – at least in theory – only taken away from people if there is a concrete future plan for the housing in question (supported by evidence), which is also about to be implemented. This is clearly not the case for Binnenkadijk 478.
As current residents, we have been cooperative and approachable, and we have made it clear that we do not want to hinder Alliantie in their plans to find a suitable (social) destination for this home – ideally in accordance with the original uses. We have made this clear by pledging to grant access to the property for viewings and by emphasizing that we would like to stay in good contact. Alliantie’s position and their announcement of filing a complain to the police (after initial restraint) during our conversation was therefore extremely disappointing to say the least, especially since the only reason (we were given) was a concern about access to the property. A problem that we tried to solve by showing our cooperation.
Alliantie’s approach to initiating an eviction without being able to submit an urgent and concrete future plan will therefore be the cause of the fact that this apartment will again be vacant for a long time, which is undesirable for the residents of the complex and makes us homeless again as residents of the apartment.

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Amsterdam: Binnenkadijk 478 squatted

The Binnenkadijk 478 apartment has been squatted in protest against the vacancy of rental properties in the middle of a housing crisis and has been occupied since Tuesday 21 March. The house is located in the Entrepotdok complex and the owner is the housing corporation de Alliantie. The residents of the complex are fighting against the Alliance’s plan to sell 140 apartments in the complex, an outrageous proposal that will reduce the social housing stock in Amsterdam and destroy a truly unique socialist project.
We have squatted the apartment to take direct action against the unjustified vacancy since the previous residents were evicted in September last year. We believe that no perfectly habitable apartments should be left vacant while so many, including ourselves, have to struggle to find affordable housing.
The apartment has been specially designed by the architects for communal living, with the idea that everyone – and not just the rich – deserves to live in a good home. We intend to preserve the original purpose and stand in solidarity with the residents of the complex.
Houses for people, not for profit! Squatting goes on!

The Anarcho-Oliefanten/ the residents of Binnenkadijk 478

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Amsterdam: Woestduinstraat 72 HS Squatted – Social housing is Not For Sale!

For several days now, we have been occupying and living in Woestduinstraat 72 HS. Since the 25th of march we announced the occupation by means of a protest.
This social housing property has been vacant for a year awaiting sale. This action is a protest against the sale of social housing and the subsequent sell-out of the city, by housing corporations and the municipality. Lieven de Key has put this house on the market in a dilapidated state for a staggering 475,000. The house is on the ground floor and would have made a good home for seniors or those with mobility problems. But it is clear that Lieven de Key does not give a fuck about the residents of the city and cares more about gentrification and profit.
Since the 1990s, profit maximization has been the main goal of housing cooperatives. While housing cooperatives claim to build more social housing outside the center with the proceeds from sales, the overall share of social housing in Amsterdam is decreasing. Social housing associations are contributing to gentrification and original residents have to make way for people with more money. Housing is not being built for the working class and the social housing that remains is often neglected and left in a bad state.
Renting in the private sector has become unaffordable, creating a city which is only for the rich. Vulnerable and already marginalised groups are hit extra hard by housing shortages. The fight against homelessness and gentrification unites people of different generations and backgrounds. Squatting is a legitimate tactic to fight back.
We demand an immediate stop to the sale of social housing. This and all other social housing that has been put up for sale should be renovated and remain social housing. While the waiting lists are running high and and the average waiting time is over 14 years we are forced to take matters into our own hands and take this house back! Social housing is Not For Sale!

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Amsterdam: Demonstration against Eviction of Vossiusstraat 16

Sunday 9 April 2023, Leidseplein, Amsterdam, 15:00

On the 12th of April the Vossiusstraat 16 has their second court case, the appeal to the decision that was given in November and which had allowed the squatters to stay.
To show support to the squatters, and in order to voice our disagreement with the the high presence of Yandex in the Netherlands, a demonstration will take place on Sunday the 9th of April. It will start on Leidseplein at 3pm!

Volozh, the billionaire Maltese passport-purchaser, was put on the sanctions list because Yandex promoted Kremlin propaganda and passed on data about activists to the state. All while being registered as a company in the Netherlands. Yandex’s news site has in the meantime been bought by the Russian state and now the company thinks they can turn over a bright new leaf as a normal. Since the first court case, Volozh’s company Yandex has massively expanded their presence in the Netherlands. Other EU countries have banned Yandex services from operating in their country, but not the Netherlands!

Because this country thinks it’s perfectly fine to let any company, no matter their shady ethics, to settle here and barely pay taxes. Supposedly, that’s good for the economy. But in the mean time, there’s a housing crisis, there’s a crisis in healthcare — what’s good for the economy doesn’t seem to be any good for us.

After the Vossiusstraat 16 won the court case against oligarch Arkady Volozh, he decided to appeal. We are demonstrating against the buying up of our city by the rich who see Amsterdam as an investment and a fun little playground for their shitty yuppie tastes. Even in the court documents, his son says he plans to come to Amsterdam ‘a few times a year’, because it’s a ‘really cool city’.

In the meantime, instead of being a holiday house for oligarchs, Vossiusstraat 16 has been made into a social center which has been hosting political discussions, meetings, parties and fundraisers. Vossiusstraat 16 is a house, but also a place of resistance and creation. It’s a place to come together, organize politically and build anarchist alternatives. We believe that this is a better way to use this huge mansion.

Volozh is still on the sanctions list, he’s still not allowed to travel in the EU, he has no business owning property in Amsterdam.

There is a housing crisis in this country, but not for oligarchs! They think having a second (or third, or fourth…) home in a country they visit a few times a year and leave empty the rest of the time is perfectly fine. Meanwhile the rest of us struggle to find proper housing and to remain in the city that we want to live in.

On Sunday 9th of April a demonstration in support of the Vossiusstraat 16 squat and against Yandex and oligarchs will take place. We meet at 3pm on Leidseplein!

There’s not too few houses, there’s just too many rich people!

Vossiusstraat 16
1071AB Amsterdam
vossiusstraat16 [at] riseup [dot] net

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Helsinki (Finland): Fire at Makamik

A fire started at [the formerly squatted and since legalized] anarchist and antiauthoritarian social center Makamik around two o’clock Saturday night (February 25th, 2023) due to reasons so far unconfirmed to us. The house suffered widespread damage. We received news on location that the fire department suspects arson. Last year fascists performed several attacks on Makamik, including the burning of a shed last midsummer. On friday, the day before the fire, the group Antifasistinen Helsinki released information about a nazi named Olli Vickström, which raises questions.

Our collective however pushes on unbroken, stay tuned
Invite to solidemo and memorial:

Montreuil: Anarcha, queer anarcha-feminist festival. Let’s defend the places we live in!

Montreuil (France) – Anarcha, march 3rd-5th 2023, la Baudrière:

In France, on the 31st of March, it is the end of the winter break which protect squat and autonomous places. Here in Montreuil and elsewhere, housing squat and political mobilisation squats will be evictable on this date. In Île-de-France, it is the case for “La Baudrière”, for the “10 rue Bara”, for the “Gambetta”, fot the “Malaqueen”, for the “LEO”… and many others.
« La Baudrière » is an anarcha-feminist and “TransPdGouine” (TransFaggDyke) squat opened by and for people whom suffer from patriarchy anyhow. It’s been a year now that we’re making this place live, hosting many political events, parties, encounters, canteens… And so much more that allowed us forging precious alliances with different activisms. It is an anarchist and autonomous place of living and mobilisation which is why we want to defend it.
Lately, if a big social movement seems to take form in France, there is also new laws that threatens our freedom : the “Kasbarian” law which directly attacks squatters and unstable tenants, the “Darmanin” law which attacks those who don’t have “the good” ID documents, the Olympic law which strengthen police control and surveillance, the retirement reform and unemployment reform which fragilise our lives more and more…
The government, the capitalist system and the cops always find new ways to piss us off.
We are fighting to multiply initiatives that allow self-determination and collective autonomy to all of us. To us, anarchism is a way of empowerment and emancipation from the heterosexual and patriarchal cistem, inherently racist and capitalist.
We want to defend La Baudrière because it is a place far from the managerial logic of the government, a place that allows direct solidarity between people who organise themselves against the State, the notion of private property, the patriarchy and racism. We want it to be a place of sharing and remembrance for our past fights and for our present and future resistances.
With the actual political context, we cannot afford to lose another house for mobilisation and feminist TPG community. The time of barricades has come.
During three days, the 3, the 4 and the 5 of march 2023, we want to keep strengthening the bonds we made – on a local scale, as well as in other countries – during this last year and a half.
We want to keep our autonomous habits, to discuss, to share our experiences. The most ordinary ones – cooking, handicrafts, revolutionary songs, sewing and electrical work – as well as the most revolutionary – for example, learning from the revolution in Syria or the fight against the gentrification process in Exarcheia.
These encounters will be in CHOSEN MIXITY : WITHOUT HETERO CIS MEN.
We’ll be at La Baudrière from March 3 to 5 to discuss, sing, dance, learn and meet! We look forward to seeing you there!
Women, life, freedom !
Squat for the queer autonomy !

Anarcha program

Permanent workshop and exhibitions during the weekend:
– Placard workshop (for the marches on the 6th to the 8th of March) : Bloke Abya Yala + Montreuil’s feminist General Assembly
– Exhibition about autonomous/self-sufficient territories (Bloke Mujeres y disidencias Abya Yala)
– A fanzine workshop space to write and draw !

– Starting at 2pm : cleaning and organisation of the different spaces for the weekend (La Baudrière is an autonomous and self-managed place which can exist because everyone does their bit and comes picking up a broom while listening to music !)

– 2pm : Writing workshop – EN/FR (by the end of this workshop we will open the fanzine permanent workshop !)
– 2pm : “opening” workshop – EN/FR
– 2pm : Discussion with Montreuil’s feminist General Assembly : how and why we need to build common feminist spaces despite conflicts and political disagreement ?
– 4pm : Snack time ! Bring your treats !
– 4pm : Discussion “Kiez-Kultur erhalten” (protecting popular and working-class’ district’s culutre) with an autonomous group that fights against gentrification in their neighbourghood in Berlin – EN/FR
– 5:30pm : projection / discussion about queer communities in Iran with Queer Iranian people.
Permanent workshops:
– Nail art/fake nails– Piercing – Tattoo Circus – Coconut Shy – Board games – Serigraphy/screen-printing – Baby-foot.
Evening program !
6:30pm : – street soccer – pole dance initiation – Haze et Jane acoustic – clown – Lesbian short movie
7:30pm : – Choir – Canteen – Makeup workshop
8:30pm :– Feminist collages session in the neighbourhood – Pole dance Show – Ylla Solal acoustic music session – Drag show
10pm : – Tombola’s results
10:30pm :– Ausique acoustic session – Feministe Fight Club (lutte)

– 11am – 1pm : Balaclava workshop – Come with your wool if you want !
– 11am – 1pm : Writing workshop FR/EN
– 11am : Squats and autonomous spaces: “Trans PD Gouine meuf” (TransFaggDyke) – lrife experiences and organisation with the TPG feminist’s remembrance (introduction will be recorded) -11am : Discussion about women’s fight in the ADC ((administrative detention centers) of Mesnil Amelot with the assembly against ADC
– 1pm : Canteen
– 2pm – 5pm: Book survey : “Nous sans l’Etat” (Us without the Government) by Yasnaya Elena Aguilar Gil. Community’s
autonomy to exist and resist.
– 2pm – 4pm : Electricity handicraft workshop
– 2pm – 4pm : “mutualisation” (insurance) as a collective alternative against institutionalisation of our activisms.
Unpaid work and privileges in activism. Pros and cons of institutionalisation (declared associations and subsidies). Can “mutalisation” be an alternative ?
Presentation of the different issues to be addressed (recorded,
25min) and then, discussion (can last as long as collectively wanted).
– 4pm : Snack time and Iraqi bakery workshop – FR/EN
– 4pm : Discussion about queer and feminist activism in Tunisia with a Tunisian activist // After a revolution, various fights and many disappointments but also some victories, Tunisia emerges from a complex context that approaches an unprecedented fascism. Henda chennaoui, a feminist activist, tells us about the feminist school Lina Ben Mhenni, its activities and its spaces of resistance where women and queer people still do not give up. She will also answer all our questions about a Tunisia that brings together, with great contrast, alienation and resilience.
– 4:30pm : Placard and banner workshop (Bloke Mujeres y disidencias Abya Yala + Montreuil’s feminist General Assembly) – 4:30pm : Medical autonomy and access to hormones
Who needs hormones ? Who has access to it ? Which are the differents existing fight in France and which are still to be developed.
Presentation of the different issues to be addressed (recorded, 25min) and then, discussion (can last as long as collectively wanted).
– 9pm : Documentary projection, defense of Honduras territories in Rojavala.
– 9pm : Presentation of the situation in Florence and the repression suffered by the anarcha-feminist collectives
Support evening for anarcha-feminist collectives in Florence, Italy (Viale Corsica, La Magnifica, Blocco Anti Sfratto, Via del Leone), who need money for their anti-repression.
22h Carmen electro : phonk pong bong
11pm pilou : reggaeton, hot and cute stuff
00:00 maxi.zorglub : maghreb, raï, chaabi, trap
1am Je.deboite : jungle, breakbeat, funcore
2am Josef : New wave

– 11am : Discussion on how to think our futures collectively ? EN/FR
– 1pm : Canteen
– 1:30pm- 6:30pm : The TPG feminist memory collective, which is organizing at La Baudrière, is setting up a radio set for half a day to collect stories and experiences of life around squats and autonomous spaces!
– 2pm : Discussion about women’s fights in prison (Carapatages)
– 2pm : Discussion on the fight against the family code in Algeria with Fahima Laidoudi and Sanadja Akrouf
– 4pm : Snack time.
– 4:30pm : Transphobia: from confusion to fascist risk
– 4:30pm : News from Exarchia, Athens. The neighborhood’s struggle against gentrification and police occupation EN/FR
– 6:30pm : Anti-repression point for the night march of March 6th in chosen mixity without hetero cis men organized by the feminist GA Paris-Banlieue, and making of a banner EN/FR
– 7pm : Canteen
– 9pm : projection of the movie “Un seul héros le peuple” (Only One Hero : the People) FR/EN subtitles

– Starting at 12am and also in early afternoon : Cleaning
– Meeting point at the baudrière from 4pm : to leave in gang to the night march in chosen mixity without cis hetero guys organized by the feminist GA Paris-Banlieue.

La Baudrière
65 bis rue Voltaire, Montreuil, France
la-baudriere [at] riseup [dot] net

Last year’s announcement, queer anarcha-feminist festival against evictions, March 31st – April 3rd 2022,

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Amsterdam: Evictions continue, Squatting will too!

Another illegal eviction. Saturday afternoon we announced a new squat on Zeeburgerpad 22. Not much later we were forced to pack our bags and leave again. Thanks to the presence of a large number of friends outside, people inside managed to get away safely without getting arrested. But of course, no one is safe if they’re sleeping in the streets, so we’ll be back.
On the 18th of February, we made it public that we squatted Zeeburgerpad 22. Many people showed up to show support and protect the occupation.
We had already been inside for a week and had evidence of this. But as some of the members of our collective are in a vulnerable position we decided to force contact with the owner/ police by dropping a banner & speaking to the neighbours. It wasn’t the first time this place has been squatted, it was squatted in 2013 and again in 2018.
After the last eviction in 2021, some renovations took place but apart from that nothing much happened, the place remained empty. The daughter of the owner and Pablo ( the neighbour and owner of the company next door) showed up and provided us with some much-needed entertainment. Rumour goes that someone has a video recording of Pablo stating he is going to come up to “all the little girls” first and do their teeth in. If any little girls were wondering where he lives, it’s the house on the left.
After the Oscar worthy performance of the crying daughter-of-the-owner, cops said they would evict because of “heterdaad” (Caught in the act). They didn’t trust our Twitter time-stamped pictures ( “because these pictures could have been taken before”). After the inside crew got out safely we all left.
Shoot us a message if you have space to put up some members of our collective, if you know of an empty house ( or send an email to any of the KSU’s) or if you’re sleeping rough/precariously and want to join and have a go at getting evicted with us.???? As long as people are sleeping rough, we’ll be back
Join our autonomous shelter block at the woonprotest !

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