Moscow Mutiny film screening

Domingo, 19 Noviembre

Moscow Mutiny film screening

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Moscow Mutiny tells the story of Russian anti fascists and anarchists during the anti Putin protests of 2011 2012. One of the main characters of the film is Dmitry Petrov, also known as llya Leshy, an anarchist, environmentalist, author of books and articles, researcher of Kurdistan and the North of Russia

In 2018, Dmitry left Russia to participate in the fight for a free society in Kurdistan, Ukraine and around the world. In April 2023. his letter was published As an anarchist, revolutionary and Russian person... I did this for the sake of justice, the protection of Ukrainian society and the liberation of my country, Russia, from oppression.

For the sake of all the people whom the vile totalitarian system created in Russia and Belarus deprives of dignity and the opportunity to breathe freely. This is how Dima s comrades and relatives learned that he had died near Bakhmut The film will show episodes of his formation as an activist and strategist of the anti fascist and anarchist movement



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Domingo, 19 Noviembre, 2023 - 19:00


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