Bike Repair DIY - Fiets Reparatie Doe-het-zelf

Viernes, 17 Diciembre

Bike Repair DIY - Fiets Reparatie Doe-het-zelf

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UPDATE DIY Bicycle Repair every Friday at Fietskliniek from 14 to 17 hrs due to new Corona Measures!! Christmas Holidays. We are closed from Dec 17th to Jan 10th!!! 

Is your tire flat? Your chain broken? Your brakes not braking? Your brakes only working? Your wheels wobling? Your handelbaars rattling? Want to fix it? DO- IT- YOURSELF. our DIY night at the Fietkliniek.  You can use the tools for cheap 2€ per hour and we have new and used parts for sale when  needed. Someone from the Fietskliniek will be around, provide guidance, but the work is done with your own two hands. No experience needed - come in and learn. To reserve a spot, email us at:

Price: €2 per hour

Please consider buying new and/or second parts from Fietskliniek in order to be able to mantain the low prices for the use of the space



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Viernes, 17 Diciembre, 2021 - 14:00


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  • werkplaats
  • doe-het-zelf fiets
  • fietsen
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  • werkplaats doe-het-zelf fiets fietsen bicycle bike workshop zelf werkplaats


  • 3-5 €


Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 95
1093XN Amsterdam
Países Bajos

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Most activities use the entrance on the left side of the building (#93). Middle entrance (#95) is used by Balcontactics, DIY Fietskliniek and occasionally ABW.

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