Viernes, 3 Septiembre


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---- something is stirring in the deep. After a year of restrictions, we are returning with live music. Pacing ourselves, as ever proliferating in the void.

This time we present:

People Skills (USA) + Wanderwelle

People Skills is the solo project of Philadelphia, Pa artist Jesse S. Dewlow. In the mid 2000's he began to document his experiments in improvised song and sound collage using only found, free materials. The recordings usually took the form of simple songs, most often employing slow pop formulas to caricature listenable music. His practice however is informed by deconstructive Situationist and Fluxus theory and conceptually pulls at the space between art and amateurism.
Blending budget collage and negligent songcraft, Jesse's work is defined by its iconoclasm more than by genre. People Skills his sonic altar to the awkward, isolated reflections of the human condition.
People Skills material has been released by Siltbreeze, Blackest Ever Black, I Dischi Del Barone, Alien Passengers, and Kashual Plastik among others.

Amsterdam-based ambient music duo.
Wanderwelle's unique brand of invigorating, meditative deep electronica has quickly made a mark internationally. Their creative output is intricate and well-considered, with each release featuring field recordings and deep-lying concepts which draw inspiration from folklore and natural environments.

Artwork: Matt Plezier (Safe & Sound, 2021 series)

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Viernes, 3 Septiembre, 2021 - De 19:30 hasta 23:30


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Amstelveenseweg 134
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