Underground Cinema: ROK DABLE (2002, CZ/EN)

Sábado, 18 Julio

Underground Cinema: ROK DABLE (2002, CZ/EN)

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OCCII is happy to have Jeffrey Babcock screen a film at ours!


Directed by Petr Zelenka
88 minutes - In Czech with English subtitles

Wow, what to say about this deranged Czech film which doesn't fit into any pre-made cinematic box? First off, the film is partly documentary in how it absorbs the real-life events of the main characters. But on the other hand the film is wildly surrealistic. In a way it feels like a road trip...the kind of journey where you don't know where you are heading next, or what you are going to learn. Czech director Zelenka is a totally unique director and made the equally bizarre and freewheeling KNOFIKARI (Buttoners) a few years ago.
Besides the narrative (which is partly about a musician who is trying to detox after many years of alcoholism) there is a lot of music here ranging from both the famous Czech folk singer Jaromir Nohavica to the eclectic experiments of Jaz Coleman (from Killing Joke, whose on stage make-up was probably the basis of Heath Ledger's Joker character) both of whom, besides creating the music for the film, are also two of the principle actors. In 2003 this flick won 6 Czech Lion awards, including for Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing, and it was nominated for 5 more, including Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography. This film is a perfect example of Czech magic-realism/surrealism, and it has a wild music score much of which was made by Jaz Coleman. The film is an adventure in many ways, but especially in terms of music.

The films of Zelenka are criminally never screened outside of the Czech Republic, despite the fact that they have won many international awards... so once again, this is a rare screening!

Please note:

If you or a housemate/family member has signs of covid-19 or is diagnosed with covid-19 in the last 14 days, please do not attend this screening. Keep distance to other visitors and volunteers of OCCII. Covid-19 is not a conspiracy.

Entrance is FREE, but we ask you to make a booking/reservation ahead via our website (below)
You can reserve 1 chair if you wish to sit separately, or 2 if you will arrive as a pair.
Reservations are valid until 10 minutes before the movie starts

Please register emailadres where it asks for phonenumber when making your booking

We will have a few chairs available for people that arrive last minute, maybe more afters reservations are cancelled

Doors open: 20:30
Reservations cancelled after: 20:50
Movie starts: 21:00

Our bar is cash only, please keep this in mind!

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Sábado, 18 Julio, 2020 - De 20:30 hasta 23:30


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