Gonzo Feminist Porn with Watersports Queen Misha Mayfair + Q&A

Viernes, 21 Febrero

Gonzo Feminist Porn with Watersports Queen Misha Mayfair + Q&A

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Can porn be feminist? A debate as heated and steamy as the subject matter itself, especially when we start flirting with fetishes. Any obscure, twisted fantasy outside of social norms is subject to shame, silencing and taboo, but feminism has been argueing about violence, or ‘abuse’ and sex for decades. Radical feminists decry BDSM as patriarchal, racist and imperialist and denounce porn in general as inherently distorting our bodies and sexuality whereas libertarian feminists argue for BDSM practices as a fundamental expression of sexual freedom. But if the last decade saw Australia banning littl’ titties and the UK banning facesitting in the name of feminism, are we missing the point?

If our sexual desires are forged within our social world, are submissive roles only gratifying because of inescapable power structures? Does that make them invalid? Is it even possible not to be completely unaffected by social norms? Do we silence genuine desires by arguing for sex as healing? Is sex intrinsicly violent? Is sex even a realm that can be politically corrected? Is it paradoxical to enjoy unconstrained sexual expression of sub fetishes and rape fantasies while being a commited feminist?

This evening will focus on subversive feminist porn and the question of feminist porn itself featuring the work of Gonzo porn filmmaker and actress Misha Mayfair. Her work spans from surfing indoor inflatable pools like a watersports queen, being an exemplary ‘good girl’ sub and starring in raw SM acts, to endearing queer porn with her girlfriends and sex-work activism. Her interest in fetishes and gendered-power play is something that many feminists consider inconsistent with feminist politics. Others view her as a modern day, internet-based Candida Royalle, self-producing intimate and high quality, POV, home-movie style porn breaking down feminist boundaries.

She will present some of her work, be present for a Q&A. There will be a feature screening afterwords.

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Viernes, 21 Febrero, 2020 - 20:30


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