Winter Bees: The Cinema of Josephine Ahnelt + Q&A

Viernes, 13 Diciembre

Winter Bees: The Cinema of Josephine Ahnelt + Q&A

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Josephine Ahnelt | 2011-2018 | Austria | 80’ | no subs

Josephine Ahnelt is a filmmaker from Vienna living in the Netherlands. She is a self-confessed Futuristic Socio-Economic Ideas Enthusiast and recently finished her film Winter Bees about her year in Japan, working with super8 and 16mm and co-founding a DIY-artist run film lab Filmkoop Wien.

Tic Tac, a stellar example from this programme dedicated to Josephine Anhelt’s work, examines in microscopic detail the psychological processes that play out while a group of young parkour traceurs do their thing. The camera focuses on their facial expressions and gestures, their anxiety and nervousness, and also their pleasure and pain. The poetry of Water from Grain grows out of an apparent contradiction stemming from its seeming timelessness while it plays out on the clearly recognizable outskirts of Vienna in the years of 2011 and 2012. Josephine Ahnelt accompanies two youths, a boy and a girl, with her Super-8 camera. The film’s primary focus is the girl’s subtle beauty and shapely form. In Winter Bees the interdependence of life and art threads through conversations. How does one deal with the vulnerability that arises from being unwilling to compromise or to reveal oneself to an audience? What influence does life have on artmaking and what aspects of private life ultimately find their place as objects of artistic examination?

We are proud to have Josephine Ahnelt at Filmhuis Cavia for our first screening of her work here in Amsterdam.

Tic Tac (2011) - 3min, super8-to-digital, no sound
Water from Grain (2013) - 13min, super8-to-digital, no sound
sein und sitzen / to be and to sit (2014) 12min, silent
16 x 4 Hands (2015) - 7min, super16, no sound
Venus & Periphery (2016) - 21min, super16mm
Winter Bees (2018) - 14min, super8-to-16mm

+ Q&A with filmmaker Josephine Ahnelt.


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Viernes, 13 Diciembre, 2019 - 20:30


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5,- (Cineville card valid)
Filmhuis Cavia
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Go through the gate. Cavia is on the right hand side, above Xena Sports. Take the stairs.


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