Amsterdam City Rights Market

Sábado, 28 Septiembre

Amsterdam City Rights Market

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Get to know the many talents and skills of entrepreneurs from all over the world. Meet the people behind the products, the brands, the food. Amsterdam City Rights Market is a monthly event, emphasizing the self-reliance of undocumented citizens of Amsterdam and focussing on the right to work. So join us in support and solidarity!

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Sábado, 28 Septiembre, 2019 - De 14:00 hasta 18:00


  • bar/café
  • curso/taller
  • debate/presentación
  • comida
  • reunión
De Volkskamer
Van Ostadestraat
233 D
1073TN Amsterdam
Países Bajos


Former squat, now legalised

De Fabriek Volkskamer has opened its doors to communities in Amsterdam! To respond to Amsterdam’s need for non-commercial, accessible, affordable spaces for social and political events, we are opening up this space for you.


  • acción/protesta/acampada / bar/café / librería/ventanilla de información/biblioteca / actividad infantil / curso/taller / debate/presentación / cine / comida / tienda gratis / reunión / música

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