Info Night on the New Squatting Law

Lunes, 23 Septiembre

Info Night on the New Squatting Law

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Wet of Geen Wet

Kranken gaat door!

Oppose the Proposal - Info Night on the New Squatting Amendment

Come to Joes Garage on 23rd September to eat a vegan meal and learn about the new squatting law and how it will affect squatting in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

As you might have heard, some bastards politicians are scheming to change the squatting law, allowing them to pursue criminal eviction within 3 days by changing the legal procedures. This new law is called the Wet Handhaving Kraakverbod.

This is yet another attempt to protect the interests of rich and corrupt property owners at the expense of those fighting for fair housing rights for all. The law further criminalises squatters and making it more difficult for them to defend themselves in a court of law.

In 2010, the state tried to completely eradicate squatting by making it illegal. Now, a decade later, they still have to come up with pathetic ways to make our lives more difficult, because we are still here!
We did not let them win back then, we will show them we still won’t give up now!
Wet of geen wet..

Stay informed! Follow updates on this law proposal (and get united to resist it):

Check the following websites for more information:

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Lunes, 23 Septiembre, 2019 - 19:00


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Joe's Garage
Pretoriusstraat 43
1092 EZ Amsterdam
Países Bajos

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Train station Amsterdam Muiderpoort, 10 minutes walk --- Metro station Wibaustraat, 15 minutes walk --- Tram 19 or Bus 41, Bus/tramhalte: Pretoriusstraat, 1 minute walk


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