LAG wicked wacky open day

Viernes, 6 Septiembre

LAG wicked wacky open day

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Friday  afternoon and evening LAG is open for anyone who wants to come and take a peek.

You can come and play with some synths or other soundy devices. Do some diy photo developing. Scan a book. Make a pot.

Breaking stuff, unbreaking stuff, burning stuff, melting stuff, lots of stuff.

Experimental media streams flow out of the space.

There is also a freeshop with computer stuff that you can either take or replenish


Fecha y hora: 

Viernes, 6 Septiembre, 2019 - 18:00


  • asesoramiento/asistencia/horario de oficina
  • bar/café
  • curso/taller
  • debate/presentación
  • tienda gratis
  • tour guiado
  • fiesta
  • espacio de trabajo/bricolaje


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  • donaciones
Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16
1075 TX Amsterdam
Países Bajos

LAG is a hacklab project coming out of the SLUG (Squatting Linux User Group) mesh.
Our main focus is the relationship between politics and technology, both at a practical and theoretical level.


  • curso/taller / tienda gratis / espacio de trabajo/bricolaje