Fritz Lang's Metropolis with Live Electronic Score

Sábado, 11 Mayo

Fritz Lang's Metropolis with Live Electronic Score

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One of the most monumental productions in cinema history, Fritz Lang's Metropolis has fascinated generations of movie lovers. Tonight, Tomer Baruch and Alex Brajković will perform the original score that they have created for this masterpiece of silent cinema.

In Metropolis, the wealthy live in skyscrapers, while the proletarians are confined to the underground, where they work exhausting shifts to operate the city's machinery. When Freder (Gustav Fröhlich) hears Maria (Brigitte Helm) rally the workers in the catacombs, he investigates their labor conditions, and pleads their case to his father Joh (Alfred Abel), the dictator of Metropolis. But Joh hatches a plot to use Maria's image to crush the coming revolt. 

In Fritz Lang’s dystopian masterpiece, human and machine are separated by a blurred-to-nonexistent line. The city is an enormous machine designed like a human while those within it function as cogs. To explore this theme, musicians Tomer Baruch and Alex Brajković's have created a score based on archival recordings of factory machinery, on top of which they will play drums and electronics. By creating music which in itself blurs the line between human and machine, and by subjecting themselves to machine-like motions, the musicians will become a part of Metropolis, enhancing its intensity and its dark majesty.

Directed by Fritz Lang, 1927, Germany, 148 minutes. Silent with English title cards and live score.

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Sábado, 11 Mayo, 2019 - 19:00


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