13 Feria del Libro y la Publicación Anarqusita de México

Sábado, 17 Febrero

13 Feria del Libro y la Publicación Anarqusita de México

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Full program of the 13th edition of the Anarchist Book and Publications Fair convened by the FAM.  We start with many activities for this next book fair. You can't afford to miss it.

Installation of exhibitors
10:00 am
Opening, by FAM
11:40 am
RAP by Hunaac-Cel
12:00 pm
Presentation of the Literary Magazine "Beyond Dimensions" by the editors
12:40 pm
Presentation of "Generación" magazine by the editorial committee
1:20 pm
Book presentation of The weary blues/ Amargo blues de Langston blues.
Presented by the translator and Manuel Monroy Correa
2:00 pm
Open mic
2:40 pm
Talk: From Anarchism to the Gates of Hell.
Presented by Templo de Satán México
3:10 pm
Presentation of Book-Zine: Micropolitics of madness "From anti-psychiatry to the practices of Red"
Presented by Enrique TV Neza
3:50 pm
Presentation of the newspaper "Regeneración."
4:30 pm
Between letters and bombs: History of anarchism and literature
Presented by"Libres, literatura, crítica y anarquismo."
5:00 pm
Book Presentation: "Stirner vs. Modernity"
Presented by Alberto Benítez
5:50 pm
Video presentation of Books: The Libertarian Artisans and The Ch'ixi World is Possible
Presented by Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui from Bolivia.
Moderator: Gaya Makaran
6:30 pm
Book presentation: "Society against the State and other essays on Anarchist Political Anthropology."
Presented by Alfredo Velarde
7:10 pm
Closing RAP live by Hunaac-Cel
8:00 pm

Programming subject to change

Not all of the theoretical and ideological content of the talks represents the position of the Federación Anarquista de México.

Solidarity - Justice - Fraternity - Equality - Freedom - Federalism


Location: Calle Donceles number 10, first floor, a few steps away from the Metro Bellas Artes exit, direction Constitution of 1917.

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Sábado, 17 Febrero, 2024 - De 10:00 hasta 20:00

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  • librería/ventanilla de información/biblioteca
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  • música
Calle Donceles 10

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Metro Bellas Artes